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From Beltane Magic.. this is a must read

Book Review of From Beltane Magic by Jacqueline Paige:

Book Synopsis:

Step into a world of magic and passions....

Take a dash of spice, heat it

Add a flash of magic and watch the sparks fly

Toss in a killer that's targeting women

Add a handful of witches from all paths to stir it all together...

Each were willing to spend their lives alone and safe; until they’re touched by Beltane Magic.

Can they survive their pasts to be together as they struggle to find a killer before the wheel turns again?

Leena is a woman that is gentle in everything, her personality and moods. She always feels maternal with her closest friends and would go out of their way to look after any one of them. Her ability of controlling the elements and knowledge of plants make her magic abilities strong and unbreakable.  She is a leader at work and in life, always working hard to keep those around her close, but never allowing anyone to get too close. 

To the outside world she is just Leena Duncan, a quiet woman who works a normal job and lived a quiet life.

A few times a year she can openly use her magical gifts at celebrations within a small community of people she calls friends. 

Having lived through the horrors that can come from the hands of someone you thought loved you; she decided never loving again would prevent more emotional scarring. 

It takes one man at a rainy Beltane celebration to change everything she is comfortable with and one killer to change her safe world.  
Owen is a man that reflects humor and cavalier vibrations to others, he is gentle and caring as is his ability to draw negative and heal others. If you didn’t know him, you would never realize he came from violence.  Knowing how the real world can be, he has vowed to never put himself into the position, or allow anyone else that could open up the world he has carefully sealed shut forever.  

He creates worlds and puts them on paper to entertain others.  After years of using his imagination he finds out his friends can do things he thought only his mind created.   

For his entire adult life Owen Grey has always played it safe and kept to his own world of writing, never getting too close to anyone.

Having lived a nightmare growing up he would never take the chance of repeating history.  He may write about happily-ever-after, but knows it is pure fantasy and doesn’t exist.

Until her . . . 

About the Author:

I am a world class multi-tasker, a mother to five adventurous and unpredictable children, a cafe manager and I have a colossal imagination that allows me to step outside of reality into a world of paranormal romance with just a touch of suspense. Writer of all things paranormal, mythical and magical. Reader of anything!!

Book Review:

If you read my review of “The Solstice Heat” you know I have come to love all books by Jacqueline Paige.  She is definitely a new favorite author.  “From Beltane Magic” is the first book in the Magic Seasons Series.  This is the story of Leena and Owen.  It is actually about all eight friends, but the focus of this book is definitely the story of these two.

Once again I was drawn into the lives of these people.  This book introduces all the characters, their strengths and flaws.  It also gives us the first pictures of our killer.  Tantalizing little glimpses that make me want to devour the rest of the books right away.

Ms. Paige is one of my favorite new-to-me authors.  She combines just the right amount of beautiful storytelling, suspense, and heat.  And of course the ending leaves you waiting for the next book.  Thankfully I have it so I am not waiting impatiently for it to arrive. 

 These are books you just have to read.

I definitely give this story 5 out of 5 clouds.

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