Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hunter Moon picture


Title – Hunter Moon

Genre – PNR

Format – Ebook

Publisher – Kindle Direct

Release Date – March 1, 2012

The Author is graciously giving away a free copy of the book at every stop on her tour.  Please leave a comment to enter the drawing.  All entrants will be randomly drawn on May 18, 2012.  Thank you.

Bawling cattle tore Shelby Flint from her bed. With lawyer fees to pay in her struggle to keep her ranch from the clutches of her greedy cousins, she couldn’t afford the loss of even one calf. When she sees a large wolf circling her cows, she aims and fires. While the wolf escapes, Shelby can’t seem to get away from her troubles when a marijuana grower sets up shop on her land, sabotaging her property and eventually coming after her. Adding to that, a handsome game warden is poking his nose into her business and working his way underneath her skin. Shelby will have to fight harder than she ever fought before to keep from losing heart and everything she ever loved.


Cait Lavender is a twenty-six year old wife and stay at home mother of one (so far) in Central California. Living on a cattle ranch in Central California where she and her husband raise papered Black Angus cattle. When Cait's not chasing her toddler around the house or doing mountains of never-ending laundrym she's writing feverishly or reading anything she can get her hands on. Cait's favorite thing about books is their ability to transport you out of the stress and fatigue of your own life into a more interesting, sexy world.
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What a surprise where I started reading this book to find that it is located in my backyard.  It isn’t very often that I find someone that knows where Visalia, California is located.  I would imagine that it would be even lower for someone from Raymond, yes that’s what I said Raymond.  The town the town where our heroine lives is an actual location, a tiny “blink and you miss it” spot on the road to nowhere in particular.  The last time I read a book mentioning the area I live it was Steinbeck… not my favorite author.
So that was the first exciting thing about the book that I found.  I enjoyed reading about towns I knew and locations with which I was familiar.  The introduction of a paranormal reality to my true reality was amazing.  The reader figures out, or at least I did, the paranormal “secret” much sooner that the heroine. 
Shelby is a tough, independent, take no prisoners heroine who is having none of this “I need a man to bail me out” crap.  [SPOILER ALERT]  Already she has survived being abandoned by her parents, losing her grandfather, finding a dead body, making friends with a wolf, and being sued by her only remaining relatives for the little bit she has left.  [END SPOILER ALERT]  What else could happen, right?  And the ending left me wanting more.
I was drawn in immediately.  I love strong female character.  I love strong female characters that have strong men who respect and love them even more.  The plot is plausible with just the right amount of paranormal twist.  The characters real, flawed, and ultimately redeemable.  The story draws you in and  invites you to care about these people and moves at just the right speed to keep things interesting and moving along.  
Overall an excellent read.  I give it 4 out of 5 clouds.

“You got a death wish, now? What, finding dead bodies isn’t exciting enough for you, you have to try and get mauled by a wild animal?” Her voice had raised several octaves during the course of our conversation, and I was afraid the old guys would start listening in. I switched tactics.
            “Well, getting the life kissed out of me by the hot warden was pretty exciting, I guess.”
She looked like she was going to have a stroke. “YOU WHAT?” Sure if Jesse’s voice went any higher, Reggie would start howling, I motioned with my hands for her to quiet down.
            “Sheesh, Jess. Shut up! I don’t want the whole town to know!” Her eyes narrowed as she slammed her hands on the counter and leaned over.
            “If you don’t tell me everything that happened right this second, I’m going to tell Matt that you secretly have been in love with him!” She hissed.
I swallowed and nodded. “Well, it was after you and Ty left. We were just standing there, and one second he was all sweet and quiet and then he said some really stupid thing about me just calling him next time and not needing to find a body if I wanted to see him.”
Jesse took in a sharp breath and I knew she thought about how well that must have gone over. My reputation was well founded; I had a temper.
            “I started to say this really wicked comeback,” Liar. “When all the sudden he was just kissing me.” Jesse stood back up, eyes wide and grinned. I continued before she could say anything. “It wasn’t a really big deal. I think he did it just to shut me up. And then he just left. Personally, I thought it was kind of rude to just invade my personal space like that. I’m sure Cash could tell I didn’t want him to kiss me.”
Jesse laughed and looked over my shoulder. I frowned.
            “Oh, I don’t know,” a rich baritone voice behind me said. Oh crap! “It seemed like you enjoyed it to me. In fact, I’m pretty sure I heard you moan.”
Jesse nearly doubled over with laughter. I was paralyzed with horror.
            There he was, in all his glory, standing right behind me. I opened and shut my mouth, knowing I must have looked like a fish, floundering at what to say. Ba dum, ching! Cash just stood there, all self-satisfied hotness. Finally my brain kicked back into gear.
            “I did not moan. I tried to tell you to stop, but you took that as encouragement and kept on fumbling around,” I said in my best haughty voice. “You might have heard me moan if you practiced kissing a little more.” I heard Jesse gasp for air behind me as she struggled to breathe.
             I glared at her. “A little warning might have been nice, best friend!” I hissed.


  1. Awesome review. I loved this book too and Cait is now on my top list of fav authors. Thanks for hosting her.

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  3. I know where Visalia is too! :) Raymond was a mystery to me until I read the book and got the back story from Cait herself. Nice review Mindy.

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