Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Protecting Your Teen ~ Social Media Secrets

Protecting Your Teen ~ Social Media Secrets

Author:  Diane Griffin
 Release Date:  March 17, 2012
Publisher:  Security First & Associates, LLC

Did you know …

In 2008 only 10% of colleges checked applicants’ social media activities and now approximately 80% check.

Have a teen planning to go to college? This is the book for you. It is a book to help parents and teens use Social Media to help the student get into college and describes the traps that might have an adverse effect on admittance into a college of choice. The most popular social media sites are described as well as some newer sites that a becoming more popular. This is a must have book if you want to help your teen capture an advantage in being accepted to the college of their choice. 

Chapters in this book cover having a marketing and sales mindset, having a presence on the Big Three, Character counts, not waiting until your senior year, and social networking for beginners.  It also includes a cheat sheet to help you out.

 Author information:

Diane Griffin is the founder and President of Security First & Associates. Ms. Griffin works with a variety of clients throughout the Security industry. Ms. Griffin has also worked in a wide array of fields to include training, facilitation, communications, human resources and industrial security management. Diane's expertise in the security field and her experience as an author of books on Security Clearances helped her make a natural transition to security issues for teens and their parents.
According to Ms. Griffin, Social Media is the way to communicate with teenagers today. Parents have a lot to learn when it comes to the behaviors of their children online. To help parents and teachers understand today's teenager, Diane Griffin has written several books on the topic of Social Media and your teens. She also has a helpful blog that gives good advice about the subject and valuable resources for parents and teens on the subject of internet and phone safety on her site Take advantage of a security expert to help you manage this important process in your child's life.

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