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Review of Unicorn Keep

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Title: Unicorn Keep
Author: Angelia Almos
Genre: YA Fantasy

Jiline of Ainsley is dismayed when her best friend is selected by the mages to become a unicorn keeper at the Keep, an isolated mountain fortress. Especially since Madelen is in love and engaged to the richest boy in the village. Jiline on the other hand has no prospects of marriage or a trade in their small village. So, she comes up with a plan to take Madelen’s place at the Keep and hopefully flunk out of unicorn keeper training before the mages can discover the deception. Unfortunately, the unicorns have their own plans for her.

Mage Herrick, son of the Keep Mage, returns home to the Keep as the trainee keepers arrive. A chance encounter with Jiline, who he believes is Madelen, on the trail sparks a magical connection between the two. Knowing he can’t feel a magical draw to someone who has no magic, he tries to prove Madelen (Jiline) has magic within her. His attention brings unforeseen complications for both of them.

Author Bio and Picture

Angelia Almos formed a lifelong passion for horses at the age of five when she talked her parents into riding lessons. Horses often play a prominent role in her young adult fantasy books. She also write horsey nonfiction and space opera. She lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains with her husband, two daughters, two dogs, two cats, and one pony (she often thinks of bumping that number up to two).

Book Excerpt:

Book Excerpts
Excerpt 1 - Beginning of Book:
    The mages would judge all children between the ages of ten and fifteen at full light. Jiline hesitated outside the village square. Her stomach fluttered as she stayed in the dark corner of the livery stable. The village of Ainsley was not quiet. Voices wrapped around her. Some of the voices belonged to her friends. Any of them could be selected by the mages.
    Rain clouds covered the sky. There would be no pretty dawn for the selection.
    “Jiline,” a voice whispered behind her.
    She jumped, so focused on the square, she missed her best friend coming up behind her. “You scared me.”
    “Sorry,” Madelen whispered. “What are you doing?”
    “Watching,” she whispered back.
    Their fingers intertwined as they held hands. Jiline checked her friend over closely. Those in the village joked that the two girls looked more like sisters to each other than to their own siblings which was true. They were both fifteen years, same height, brown hair, green eyes, even the same mouth, but Madelen was the pretty one.
    Madelen had been scared when word came out about the arrival of the mages coming into the village last night. So scared she had cried. She didn’t want to be chosen for a life of servitude. Not when the mayor’s son was in love with her. The mayor had made an offer for her a few months ago and her parents had accepted. In a little over a year, Madelen and Wilm, the mayor’s son, would be wed. Even without the prospects Madelen had Jiline wasn’t any more thrilled about the prospect of being drafted by the mages.
Book Review:
            Jiline is depressed to find that the Unicorns have judged her unworthy, but is that what really happened?  Jiline takes Madelen’s place at the Mage Keep and find that things are not always as they seem.  In fact, not only do the unicorns accept her, several come forward to greet her during her trial.  But why are the unicorns attracted to her and why does Mage Herrick always seem to be watching her?

            I loved this story.  The idea of bonded mates is frequently used in were romances, but here it is used in a unique manner that adds dimension to an already thrilling book.  I so wanted to be Jiline, or Madelen as she is called.  It would be so exciting to meet a unicorn, touch them, use mind-speak, and just to know they are there.  Sure, I don’t think I would like the racing away in the snow, being cold or wet, and day after day on horseback, but I could get over it with unicorns to whisk away the pain and cold.

            I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds and anxiously await more stories about Jiline and her unicorns and Mage.

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