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Review of Hounded

Book Review of Hounded sponsored by Bewitching Book Tours

By Sadie Hart

Book Blurb: 

Lion-shifters Kanon Reyes and Tegan Sharpe aren’t sure what Kanon’s done to earn himself a frame-up for murder, but they’re determined to keep him from a silver bullet and a shallow grave. To do that, though, they’ll have to rely on the sexy Hound sent to arrest him.

As a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement, Lennox Donnelly is one of the best. But when one of her arrest warrants turns out to be for an innocent man, she’s determined to get to the truth. What she finds are dead witnesses and an untraceable magick–with a killer far more powerful than her. Now, to survive, Lennox will have to learn to rely on more than just herself if she’s to make it back to the men she’s come to love.

Author Bio:

Sadie Hart lives in Michigan with two dogs, though one should totally be a Moose, and they both occasionally show signs of super powers. Like the ability to fly and mind read. Okay, maybe not the flying part. That’s actually her flying pig, Pignificent. Though his super powers also include laser vision.

During the day, while not wrangling super-pooches and pigs, Sadie works as a secretary in a library trying not to read the books. At night, she writes action packed paranormal romances with a heavy dose of the things that go bump in the night – both the spooky and the naughty kind. 

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“Enjoying yourselves?” The question slipped out before she could second guess herself, and they both jerked their heads up at the sound of her voice.

They didn’t, however, stop dancing.

“You get what you needed?”

“Just need one from the snake and I’m good to go.”

Kanon turned, dropping one arm from Tegan’s back and he reached for her. “Aibileen’s on duty ‘til three. You can dance a few rounds before then.”

His grin turned wicked then. All pure, sweet, sensual sin and Lennox thought about running. Dodging right back out to her car and leaving them both stranded here.

Yeah. Some big, bad Enforcement Hound she was.

Kanon’s hand found her waist, curving gently over her hip and Lennox lifted an eyebrow. Daring, without moving. She was not going to run. She was a ridgeback and one of the top Enforcement Hounds in the country. Lennox Donnelly didn’t run.

Tegan’s hand slipped around her other hip.

Lennox swallowed. Besides, backing up now would definitely be showing fear.

They eased closer and her back locked up as a shiver skated down her spine. The pair of them were built like tanks. Muscled, gorgeous, tanks.

Kanon bumped her shoulder with his. “You should dance with us.”

“Yeah,” Tegan whispered.

She sucked in a hard breath, “I don’t think that’d be smart.”

“Why?” Tegan nudged her hip with his, his arm sliding around her waist. “Kanon’s off the hook, innocent. We’re here with a good chunk of the night left to spend. Why waste it?”

“Wanna bet if we were Hounds she’d already be on the dance floor?” Kanon’s eyes locked with hers, accusing, even as the words came off light. But he was right. If she’d been off duty and one of the Hounds had asked her to dance...why not?

“Discriminating,” Tegan murmured, his lips curved into a soft smile as he laid a kiss against the edge of her jaw. She jumped at the touch, but there was nowhere to go.

“No. You’re just in my space.” Her voice shook a little as she said it.

“Then back up.” Another kiss.

“Unless you like us in your space.” Kanon’s gaze dropped to her lips just as Tegan kissed the swell of her neck.

Lennox tightened her grip on her beer and tried to think of what to say, but she kept staring at Kanon’s eyes, his gaze locked on her lips and she wanted him to kiss her. As stupid as it was, it wasn’t like he was a criminal anymore and she wanted to try a lion.

“Lennox,” Tegan whispered. “You gonna back up yet?”

She swallowed, shaky. “No. But I might smash this bottle upside your head.”

She felt them both pause, Kanon’s gaze lifting to meet hers. Reevaluating. She had a choice. Tuck tail and run or stand and fight.

She’d always been more of a fighting kind of woman.

Lennox pressed her beer bottle into Kanon’s free hand, grabbed hold of his shirt and yanked his lips down against hers.

Book Review:

            I have to admit I’m a bit of a sucker for shifter stories.  I just love the idea of being able to become something else.  My best friend and I used to pretend we were horses when we were little, so maybe it’s a carryover from that.  And I’ve read shifter books about lots of different types of shifter beings, but never lions.  I love that they shift into lions.

            So yes, the handsome, rugged men (plural – 2) are both lions.  The strong, take no prisoners, I will kick your butt if you cross me female is a Hound for Shifter Town Enforcement.  She has been specifically bred to be able to take on lions, and she takes on two… and they decide to keep her as their pride.

          After determining that the one she has been sent after is being framed, she gets wooed and loved by the lions.  This, as you can imagine, goes over like a lead balloon.  However, they prove that sometimes love can conquer even a difference this big.

          The storyline take a long time to fully develop as the focus is much more on the relationship than on developing the storyline, but it does eventually move on.  While not a literary award winning writing, it is a charming and fun read.  I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 7… definitely not for young ones as some scenes are graphic and a threesome is involved.

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