Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Review of Spunky

Book Review of Spunky Sponsored by Bewitching Book Tours

By Sherile Reilly
A Bandit Creek Book

Tap dancing and riding her dilapidated bike are ten-year old Sarah Crawford’s, better known as Spunky, favorite activities. 

After moving to Bandit Creek with her mom, Spunky discovers the old lady in the basement apartment dislikes both her and her dancing. While practicing her tap steps in the garage, Spunky devises a wonderful scheme to raise cash for a new bike. 

However, disaster strikes when she is accused of theft and her great money-making plan is squashed. Just when Spunky thinks that Bandit Creek is a horrible place to live, she’s forced to defend her beliefs and her whole world changes. She discovers the town may be more exciting than she ever realized.

About Sherile Reilly 

Unlike her heroine, Sherile Reilly has never had to fret about hanging up her tap shoes. Trained as a singer and a pianist, she devoted her expertise to teaching sixth graders and learned as much from them as they learned from her. Sherile is now pursuing other passions, writing and painting. She’s had numerous showings of her art and her work has been selected as ‘Best in the Show’. She lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband Ed.

Book Review:

Young Sara, called Spunky by her friends, has just moved to Bandit Creek and it’s not going so well.  First she annoys the old neighbor lady by tap dancing in the basement washroom, then she accidently gets the woman angry even more.  She is so afraid that she and her mother will be evicted because of these problems.

This is a really cute book and very appropriate for middle grades.  It follows a young girl as she adapts to life without her father, who is deceased.  I enjoyed the word play and the pace of the story.  I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

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