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The Silence of Lir Review ~ a fantasy fiction for young adults

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The Silence of Lir:  Saga of the Spheres Book 1
By Mary Twomey
Genre: young adult fantasy fiction

Book Synopsis:
Behind the scenes of our spinning earth are keepers of the elements who make sure that tornados don’t destroy cities, fires don’t ravage forests, earthquakes don’t decimate towns, and floods don’t take out humanity. They wrestle with the natural elements to ensure that the world keeps spinning smoothly on its axis. 

Since the beginning of time, the Sun has been fading, and the light that shines on the earth is dimming, causing the elements to be more volatile and impossible for the keepers to control. 

Now they must enlist the help of one man, Finn, to help them bring the light back to the Sun. The keepers war, the North Star steals light from the Sun, and the Moon is in disrepute. The end of existence is coming, and all the while the king, the Moon, Lir, remains silent.

Secrets (review to be posted June 10, 2012):  Saga of the Spheres Book Two

An earthquake caused by Wren and Satchel’s ill-fated tryst brings forth a prophecy that sends the unrest and the Delegation into a tailspin. Immortals on the earth must be abducted and hidden from the North Star’s greedy grasp.

Vespera’s fury erupts as the Unrest begins to splinter off from the Moon behind her back. Attacks that should be used on the enemy target her supposed allies. Seeds of doubt, betrayal and rebellion begin to sprout in the Realm of the Sun and the Moon, causing division, subterfuge, and deadly attacks. 

An evil that was locked up centuries ago is unleashed and let loose on the earth. There are those who fight for unity, those who struggle just to stay alive, those who battle for control, but a few begin their secret plans for a revolt.

The Sword:  Saga of the Spheres Book Three

What’s left of the Delegation fights to keep the Order with a man down, and the Unrest in hiding. Three keepers work tirelessly to safely harbor the restless immortals, maintain their elements, and counter Red Flame’s insatiable attacks. The Unrest’s light is dwindling as they remain hidden from Vespera on earth. 

Close quarters and unstable power lead to tension and confusion as they try to find a way to be helpful to the Order without being taken out in the process.
Henry cares for Satchel’s son, and trains him to follow in his parents’ footsteps by being ready to defend the light at all costs. Lir’s body is located, Vespera rages her search for more power when she cannot find the Sword of Secrets. Somehow Stella winds up in the middle, a girl without a friend suddenly thrust into the spotlight and forced to accept her lot in life, being the voice of truth when no one will listen. 

Though she and the keepers try to fight for the light, it is inevitable that they all may soon lose themselves to the darkness.

Sacrifice:  Saga of the Spheres Book Four

Light is being stolen, immortals are waking, wombats are untrustworthy and a dead body is rising. After a long time of wishing they could jump into the battle, the Unrest finally has their day in the Sun. Unfortunately, that day is filled with almost certain death. 

Ash comes into his own and joins his parents to fight Vespera and Red Flame. Henry rejoins his own people, only to find that the lair will never be the same again. 

Prophecies are unearthed, lives lost, and lines of loyalty blurred. Stella’s body begins to break down slowly, while Lake loses her immortality.
The sword of secrets fights to find its true owner, though none of the keepers can predict the sacrifice that will come. 

Author Information:
Mary E. Twomey lives in Michigan with her husband and two adorable children. She enjoys reading, writing, vegetarian cooking and telling her children fantastic stories about wombats. 

Twitter @shesleepssoftly 

Book Review:
                Fascinating book pulls from several sources of mythology and creates  a world where mom and dad (sun and moon) have separated because the moon (Lir) has had an affair with the North Star(Vespera).  The keeper, the delegation and the unrest, are split between Lir and the sun (Didalys), with half of them going to each.  The unrest, Lir’s children, have been told that they will die if they touch the delegation.  Each group has a human seer that has been granted immortality in exchange for giving prophecy to the rulers.
                Vespera has taken over the moon and is getting increasingly irrational.  Things are not as smooth or peaceful as it would be believed.  Into this comes the watcher.  The watcher is an immortal, child of a keeper and human, who never knew his parents.  There are many immortals on earth, but the watcher has a job to watch the cataclysm, whatever that may be.  The only problem is no-one asked him if he wanted the job...and he doesn’t.
                This story is fast paced, intense with a startlingly clear world that is easily pictured.  The action is strong and builds to a crescendo, the exact ramifications of which are not clear yet.  Mary E. Twomey creates a world filled with likeable and detestable character with a full range of flaws and heroic behaviors struggling to do what is right while not fully understanding the events around them.  A must read for your summer list, start early in the day or you won’t get any sleep ;)

                I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds.

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