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Review of Mindscreen

Book Review of Mindscreen Sponsored by Virtual Book Tour Cafe

Publisher Simply Blissful Press
Date April 21, 2012
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Jessamine Harper has it all: University course she loves, job as a Top-level Healer and dream man in the form of desirable Professor Lucas Corwin; but when Corwin breaks down and is taken away by the Mindcops, the world that Jessamine knows begins to unravel. Does the boy she hate, Ben, hold the key to her past as well as her future? Can she escape the clutches of the Mindcops herself? Only time will tell, and does Jess have much of that left?

Sylvia van Bruggen:

Sylvia van Bruggen is a fantasy/science fiction writer, poet, avid blogger and artist. She is the founder of Playful Creative, a website for creatives who want to work through their mental blocks and who want to learn how to play with their writing. She has self-published a novella, two poetry books, and her poems and short stories have been published in various magazines. She currently writes a fantasy novel, and she works on publishing another poetry book. She lives in the Netherlands with her husband, two cats and several novels in various draft stages.


My emotions rose from some deep energy well inside of me, and I spat the words into his face as fast as I could, "No, I don't remember it, I don't remember any fucking detail about our past, except for some vague scraps of memory that loom up from goodness-knows-where! I haven't got any fucking clue about all the things you seem to remember so well. It's as if I got split in two, and the other Jess has a much better life then I've had in these past couple of months, to state the glaringly obvious." I slammed my fist against his chest, and shouted: "Damn it!"

Book Review:

            I loved the surrealistic style of the story with the whole science-fiction style and the idea that thoughts could be displayed on screens for everyone to see.  My husband thought it was too surreal, but then again he doesn’t like alternative reality type of stories… which I find odd since his favorite movie genre is Science Fiction. 

            The story concept is a cross between romance and science fiction, the best of both worlds in my view.  I loved the whole idea that someone could develop the ability to heal with energy from their minds.

            I would recommend this book to anyone who likes either genre of romance, science fiction, or alternative reality.  I think you will find something you like in the story for all genres.  I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

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