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Review of Song in the Wrong Key

Book Review of Song in the Wrong Key

Book Synopsis:

Michael Kenton is a middle-aged man living in middle-class comfort with wife Lisa and daughters Millie and Katia. Drifting complacently towards retirement, Mike’s world is turned upside-down when he is thrown unexpectedly onto the career scrapheap. While Lisa’s career sky-rockets, Mike slobs around in his track suit playing guitar, rekindling his teenage love affair with pop music. Knowing Lisa wouldn’t approve, he plots a secret ‘comeback’ at a grimy Crouch End bistro where music executive Ben, desperate and out of time, asks if he can enter one of Mike’s songs into the Eurovision Song Contest. With nothing to lose, Mike focuses on Eurovision but quickly finds himself staring down the barrel of low level fame. His crumbling marriage now page five news, he must choose between his musical dream and mending his broken family, a task complicated by the re-appearance of ex-love of his life Faye. A laugh-out-loud comedy about love, family, friendship and Euro- tack by acclaimed stand-up and comedy writer Simon Lipson.

Song in the Wrong Key is available in paperback from Amazon UK and Amazon US, and eBook edition from Amazon UK and Amazon US.

Author Information:

Simon Lipson was born in London and took a law degree at the LSE. After a spell as a lawyer, he co-founded legal recruitment company Lipson Lloyd-Jones in 1987. In 1993, Simon took his first tentative steps onto the comedy circuit and has since become an in-demand stand-up across the UK, as well as a regular TV and radio performer/writer. His first novel, Losing It, a thriller, was published by Matador in 2008. His latest novel, A Song For Europe, an edgy romantic comedy, is now available on Kindle.
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Book Review:

Song in the Wrong Key is funny, with dry wit, terribly sad, and a totally charming story about love, loss, and finding your way.  Simon Lipson has taken a topic that could be deadly dull and turned it into a must read.

I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

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