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Book Review of Mind Secrets

Book Review of Mind Secrets

Published by: Elly Books
Format: paperback & eBook
ISBN: 978-1-908340-05-4 (paperback) / 978-1-908340-04-7 (e-book)
328 pages


On the run and without his memories, Michael escapes from a man called Carter onto the unfamiliar streets of London. There, he meets a gang of teenagers with the power to sense the thoughts and feelings of others. They live in fear of ‘the cure’, a mysterious process which takes away their power and, some believe, destroys their personality. Suspecting the cure caused his memory loss, Michael goes undercover to investigate the truth behind the doctors of the cure clinic. What he discovers leads him to a conspiracy that runs to the heart of government and reveals the shocking reality of his own past.
Mind Secrets is a compelling thriller set in a contemporary world and will appeal to anyone who’s ever wondered what it’s like to have mind powers.
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About the Author:

Chris Reynolds is a lover of adventure stories. Chris spent her time growing up avidly reading them, watching them on TV and writing them in her school exercise books. She was often frustrated that stories written by other people didn’t go the way she wanted them to, so she decided to write her own. In the interim, she has worked for the BBC and independent radio as a journalist, written for magazines and some published non-fiction books. Now her stories are available for all to read, following the release of her acclaimed debut novel Mind Secrets.

Chris lives among the Chiltern Hills, north of London.

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eBook: For the Kindle at Amazon UK and; for the Nook at Barnes and Noble (US readers) and for all e-book formats at Smashwords, including for iPad etc. (It’ll be available at iTunes, but Apple are being very slow in distribution – however, the links will be iTunes UK and iTunes US if you want to check)
Paperback: at online stores including Amazon UK,, Waterstones, Barnes & Noble and others. Mind Secrets can also be ordered by your local bookshop.


He didn’t know where he was or how he got there. He was just…there; in the blur of a bright, white tunnel with the smell of floor polish and a strange humming sound above him. He tried to focus on his surroundings – squinting until he felt dizzy – but it didn’t get any clearer.

Was he dead?

He closed his eyes and thought hard, but he couldn’t remember dying. Perhaps there was a car accident or a plane crash – sometimes, when something like that happens, it’s so horrible that people’s brains forget it on purpose. But he couldn’t remember being in a car or a plane, let alone a crash. He couldn’t remember anything.

The dizziness came over him again. His legs wobbled, he fell backwards and hit something hard and flat. His eyes still closed, he felt behind him with the palms of his hands. The hard flat thing felt like a wall, reassuringly cold and solid. He rested there for a moment, listening to the sound of his own breathing and forcing his fast, shallow breaths to become longer and deeper until the dizziness subsided.

He opened his eyes to the brightness and waited for them to adjust to the light. Gradually, he saw that he wasn’t standing in a tunnel after all, but in a corridor, with a polished tile floor, white-painted walls and ceiling where fluorescent tubes buzzed and lit up the space around him.
He wasn’t dead. He was in some kind of office building.

There was a door beside him with a glass panel at eye level which enabled him to see into the dark room behind. The light filtering from the corridor was enough to make out the outline of a chair, a desk and a computer. At the back, a window looked out into the night sky with the twinkling lights of a city below. The office was high up – he estimated the block had to be at least ten stories tall.

‘Michael!’ A woman’s voice called from the distance.

Was she calling for him? Was that his name – Michael?

Something instinctive told him not to answer. All he could assume was he knew her somehow. He tried to relate her to some of the things he had to have in his life: Parents, home, brothers and sisters, teacher, friends, pets…but he couldn’t remember any of those things.
* * * * *

Book Review:

            Would you want the ability to sense people’s feelings?  What about being the strongest sensing person and being able to delve into people’s minds and see their secrets?  You could know who was guilty of crimes, who was really in love with who, how to make the most money, etc.  What about if your neighbor or teacher or mother-in-law could do those things?  These are the abilities that the teenagers have in Mind Secrets.  It’s the new “X-men” or super power, and only teenagers have this ability… right?

            Now there is a cure that will take that ability away with one little shot.  Except of course it can’t really be that easy… or can it?  I’m not telling.  You will have to read the book to find out for yourself.

            This book was fascinating.  I loved the idea of playing with the development of new brain function or skills that set the people apart.  I think this is the reason that comics, superheroes, x-men, superman, spider man, etc. are so popular; people want to believe that we can learn to use more of our brains and develop these “super” abilities.  I found the story easily engaging, fast paced, and filled with quirky twists and turns.

            I give this story 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

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