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Giveaway and Book Review of Pam of Babylon, book 1 in the series

Book Review of Pam of Babylon Sponsored by Virtual Book Publicity Tour

Blurb : 

Pam Smith lives a charmed life as a well-to-do Babylon, N.Y., homemaker in a large house by the water. In her 50s with her children grown, Pam is happy with her exemplary husband Jack. After he has a heart attack on the subway, however, she finds out more than she ever wanted to know about Jack. Pam must confront a series of revelations that unmask a life she realizes she only thought she knew, and the losses and disappointments she discovers give color and understanding to a man markedly different than he appeared. Uncovering secrets and betrayals far worse than her most vivid nightmare, Pam retreats to their meticulous Babylon beach house, the one refuge she has to put the pieces of her life together and move toward ultimate forgiveness

About the Author:

Suzanne Jenkins lives at the west Michigan lakeshore with her husband, two dogs and two sheep.  Her latest books are Pam of Babylon, Don’t You Forget About Me and Dream Lover.


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Book Review:

            Pam’s life is good and she is happily married until she gets a phone call that will change her life.  Her husband has died on the train on the way home from working in the city.  When she gets to the hospital another woman is there crying after having been to see her husband’s body.

            This is a sweet story about how Pam feels adrift after the death of her husband.  Several things happen to her and around her after the death of her husband that could be overwhelming, but she is skilled at carrying on. 

            Having read book 3 first (accidentally) I was expecting more drama, but the story was sweet.  I don’t believe that there were as many shocks for Pam as expected from the blurb, but a good introduction to all the main players in the story and their relationships to Pam and their issues.  Things just get wilder from here in the series.
            Stay tuned for more on this series.  For this book alone I give 3 out of 5 clouds.  I was sweet and an easy read, but not exactly what I was expecting from the blurb.

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