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Promotional for Mana

Book Review of Mana

Title: Mana
Author: Asher Tensei
Genre: Fantasy


Blurb : 

Eurich is thrown into a seemingly ill-fated destiny. After learning of his legendary magic, he is convinced that he alone must stop an impending doom, but nothing is ever as it seems. His best friends Jason and Raine try their best to help him save the world, but help isn’t what he needs  —he needs a way across the barrier.
Despite this fate thrust upon him, Eurich knows what is coming. The world is headed toward Chaos due to a weakening barrier between Earth and a world that has been hidden for millennia.
Our world is about to take a sharp turn for the worse. Extra moons are rising in the sky, and panic is at an all-time high. Worst of all, there are no explanations.
Saving the world begins with a choice  —but is humanity worth him risking his own life?

About the Author:

Although Asher Tensei is relatively young, he has already traveled the world as he has been a military brat since the age of four. He has always wanted to share his creative writing, and it was in Germany that he realized people also really enjoyed reading his stories. Mana was composed shortly after and it instantly got the support of a small but enthused local readership. Few could believe that Asher had written a full length novel during his fifteen minute breaks while working at Burger King. He is very passionate about the fantasy genre and graciously gives thanks to the one series that made him realize that writing high concept YA fantasy was something he wanted to do--The Twilight Saga. He maintains, and frequently updates, his site


Book Excerpt
 “Freedom!” Jason opened the door to Eurich’s house and the first thing he did was run up the stairs to Eurich’s room. “You mind if I crash here? I swear I’d fall asleep on the way home.”
“Don’t worry about it. You know you’re welcome here anytime,” Eurich replied, laying down sheets and pillows on the floor.
“What’s that for?” asked Jason. “I’m getting the bed.”
Jason and Eurich both laughed, but it was short lived. Jason scowled, grimacing, not hiding the fact that something was bothering him.
“What’s wrong?” asked Eurich.
“Why did Mr. Andrews take only you and Raine, what happened up there?” Jason rarely took a depreciate tone.
“It was nothing much. He just wanted to talk to us about grades and stuff,” Eurich stuttered a little.
 “I saw…that thing you turned into.” Jason didn’t waste any time.
 “You had wings, and you fell, and you didn’t die. It was…you were black and purple…and-and, the sky turned purple…why didn’t anyone else see it?”
“Jason, it’s okay, just calm down,” Eurich said, sitting down at his computer desk. ”He said no one could see us…” He slid to his drawer, quickly opening it to grab the book. There was a moment of pause before he tossed it on the bed “It turns out everything in this book is real,” he said while flipping the pages. “Mr. Andrews knew, my parents knew, and even Raine’s mother knew.” He then flipped the page to Oblivion. “This…is my father, and I guess this is me now.”
“Eurich, you can’t expect me to believe that you were right this whole time..”
“Jason, you said you saw it with your own eyes…I’m a dragoon.” Eurich sighed. “Just…don’t tell anyone.” As a last resort, since Jason had a hard time believing him, he stood up focused his mana in the stone and transformed.

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