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Book Review of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton

Book Review of The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton
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The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton:
Publisher: Quiet Owl Books, July 31, 2012
Category: Children's Literature, Fantasy
Tour Dates: November, 2012
Available in: Print, 272 pages

Blurb : 
Somewhere out in the Sombrero Galaxy, Tilda Pinkerton-mystical maker of mysterious, magnificent, magical hats-is being hunted by the Keeper of Darkness.

Yet Tilda simply does not recall, at all, after taking a tremendous fall.

No one on Ooleeoo, where Tilda crash-landed, knows she is from another planet. Only Star Jumper Randy can tell her-but he's light years away, frantically searching for his missing love, desperate that without her, the entire galaxy soon may be lost.

Even in the middle of cosmic danger, Tilda loves to create hats, for which she has a rare and uncanny knack. All who receive them sparkle, in fact-and spark their innermost talent. With a Tilda hat, people can suddenly do whatever they dream of, causing brilliant ideas to grow madly.
With Gladys the toad, who thinks she's a cat, and Frank the fish, who lives in her hat, Tilda must discover who she is and what her enemy wants from her so badly.

But the Mayor of Moodle has other plans, including a ban on all wearing of hats, everywhere on Ooleeoo. His dark and forbidding actions seem to coincide with something unworldly, threatening all with a nameless dread and slowly blacking out the sky. With Ooleeoo itself turning upside down, how can anyone survive?

In this first in a series of Tilda Pinkerton adventures, Tilda must fight the battle of her life and risk all-even the galaxy and stars-by revealing her most electrifying secret.

Written for children but adults enjoy it too!

Praise for The Adventures of Tilda Pinkerton:

"The characters of this book are whimsical yet colorful. There is good versus evil mixed in with the innocence and wonder of a child and the jaded anger of misinformed adults. In the end (no spoiler alert here) the reader will be mesmerized by the larger battle of wills. Does good prevail? Only Louyne knows.  I recommend this book for all ages 8 and older. A great experience and shared reading adventure for youth and adults alike. Quick go buy it! And hold on to your hats for an adventure on Ooleeoo with Frank the Fish, Gladys the Toad, and Tilda Pinkerton - a heroine for a modern day."- Rhonda Dean, Amazon Reviewer

"Tilda is genius!  Angela like Shakespeare used all of life to influence her art! Tilda is a teaching book about truths on many levels, stretching the imagination, showing how important it is to do what we love! It is for all ages with information about this world and others, lessons about life, universes, imagination, possibilities, parables, perception, encouragement, overcoming fear and anger, spiritual, educational and an inspiring fantasy! A lot of whallop Angela was inspired with when she wrote this book. "- JoShel Anton, Amazon Reviewer

About the Author:
 Angela Shelton is an author, actor, blogger and public speaker. She has been writing since she was eight years old. Her first novel was adapted into the movie Tumbleweeds. Angela won a regional Emmy award for her portrayal of Safe Side Superchick in The Safe Side video series created by Baby Einstein's Julie Clark and America's Most Wanted's John Walsh. After living in Los Angeles for over a decade, Angela left the big city for a one-light country town to marry her first love and fulfill her dream of writing books in a barn house.


Find out how Angela has incorporated the character of Tilda Pinkerton into an entire line of book projects, each geared towards a different age group at

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Book Review:

            Finally a character in a book that loves words as much as me.  I love Tilda and her zany way of talking.  I would have totally read this book out loud to my babies (although people always thought they had huge vocabularies already so maybe it’s best I didn’t.  When my 17 month old told my sister that a particular food was “my absolute most favorite food” they asked her where she learned those words). 

            Anyway, back to the book, LOVED it.  I thought the foreword where the author tells about her childhood hate of dictionaries followed by a book where I learned new words (and I didn’t know for sure the meaning until I verified it in the definitions and it wasn’t a foreign language… unheard of.. when it’s a real word).  So exciting to have a book so entertaining and enlightening.

            I highly recommend this book.  Read it to yourself, read it out loud, read it to your kids, watch your vocabularity grow.  And the best part is no one will know you had so much fun with words.

            I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds.

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  1. Awesome! I love that you loved the forward and then the words like Felicificative - one of my favorites! Thank you so much for reading and sharing. I'm so glad you loved Tilda!

  2. Thanks for taking part in the tour. I'm so glad you loved Tilda!