Sunday, December 23, 2012

Book Review for Snow

Book Review for Snow
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Inspiration for Snow

 Much like the character Ruth in Snow, at fifteen I was very na├»ve and innocent. It only took a moment for me to become trapped in a relationship I didn't want to be in, but couldn't imagine a way
out of. Within weeks my innocence had been stripped away from me as I struggled daily to be a the “girlfriend” I thought I was supposed to be and the person I knew I should be. Within months I found my life spiraling out of control with no hopes of regaining it.
 There are many elements of  Snow that were derived from the situation I found myself in as a teenage girl. The doctor's visit where a condemning, elder doctor told me I was pregnant, the moment my boyfriend first uttered the word “abortion,” the wretched feelings of guilt and remorse when the realization sank in; these are simply a few. But there is nothing worse than the feeling of hopelessness when all you have left to hold on to is hope.
 When my miracle son became a permanent fixture in my life I knew then that I would, one day, write a story that would help other girls avoid the circumstances in which I had found myself. Six years after his birth I set out to do just that. Five very long and difficult years later the first completed manuscript of Snow laid on my bed and for the first time in 11 years I was finally able to truly forgive myself and the people who had hurt me so deeply all those years ago. As the saying goes, “the truth had set me free.”
Snow  isn't just another “religious” fiction that gently discusses a tough subject then ties it all up in a pretty little bow with a note saying, “Jesus loves you.” I wanted to write the truth and the truth is, sometimes life isn't pretty and some times we don't feel like God is even there.
 This novel is a detailed account of a young girl's life and how easily it is for someone to come in and steal away everything she holds dear to her heart. Snow isn't the kind of novel that sugar coats the tough topics of sexuality, dating, and abortion. The descriptions are real and the emotions are raw , but the end brings to life a message of hope that is breath-taking, inspirational, and 100% true (I have documentation to prove it)!
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This was a wonderful book about a terrible subject.  I think all teens should read this book and I know I will have my daughter read it.  I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds.