Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Book Review of Desert Wedding

Book Review of Desert Wedding
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Blurb : 
There is nothing more exciting than when your best friend gets married. And for Elsie McKenna, it seems like she’s got the maid of honor thing figured out. But as the big day date gets closer and wedding planning takes over, Elsie’s friendship with the bride-to-be, Res, begins to go downhill. To make matters worse, Elsie’s boyfriend, the long-suffering Jonah, becomes increasingly distant. It’s not too soon before Elsie begins to wonder if there’s something in the air in Phoenix, or if it’s just a nasty case of wedding fever.

About the Author:

Penny Kim is a Washington, DC lurker and resident of Alexandria, Virginia. She is active in several area book groups that span several genres, from murder mysteries to chick lit and beyond. Currently working on her second book, her debut novel “Desert Wedding” is a compelling coming of age story for the Millennium generation.


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Great book.  Loved the ending.  I totally didn’t see the twist coming, but it was perfect.  I would give it away if it wouldn’t ruin a great ending.

You couldn’t find two more different people than best friends Elsa and Res. Elsa is brash and confident.  Res is sleek and demure.   Res is planning her wedding with best friend Elsa as her maid-of-honor.  Elsa plans to never marry after a bad experience.

I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

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