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Book Review of Prophecy Foretold: The Prophecy Chronicles

Book Review of Prophecy Foretold:  The Prophecy Chronicles

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The Prophecy Chronicles: Prophecy Foretold [Kindle Edition]
Ron Hartman
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Publisher: Rogue Phoenix Press (October 19, 2012)
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Language: English
Publication Date: October 19, 2012

Blurb : 

These are dark days for Naphthali. The king has been murdered, the land invaded by the Imperial Army. It will absorb Naphthali into an Empire that stretches across all of Enialé at any cost. The ravaged people cling to an ancient promise, an assurance that a prophesied savior will come to set them free.

Daniel Martin is trapped in a life that hasn’t gone as expected. His pharmacy is struggling and he is losing all hope of making a difference in his patients’ lives. His family is the one shining light in his disenchanted life, but he is torn from them when an accident draws him to Naphthali. The people need him, but Daniel is driven by his need to return to the family he loves. Is he the Prophesied One? Only time will tell as both the Empire and the Resistance battle for Daniel while the fate of Naphthali hangs in the balance…

About the Author:

Ron Hartman has had a life-long passion for the written word and is an avid reader. The Prophecy Chronicles are his first written works. Ron graduated from the
University of Iowa College of Pharmacy in 2000 and lives in Ottumwa, Iowa with his wife and three children.



Very unusual book.  This story was sort of a Science Fiction, Dark Fantasy Chronicles of Narnia.  Daniel is driving home and after an accident finds himself transported to a strange and alien land.  The cut on his face from the accident leads to the people of the land believing he is their Savior or Prophet..>”The One” who will lead them out from under the hands of the Emperor and his evil ways.

Daniel doesn’t want anything to do with prophecy or saving a people, all he wants to do is return home to his wife and children.  The cost of helping him is high, and the body count is piling up.  Will helping him bring peace or just death and destruction?  Is Daniel really the One?  I don’t know… Unfortunately we don’t get all the answers in book one, which really irritated me because I hate waiting for the next book in the series.  Hint, Hint… I really want to read book 2, so please hurry….;)

I give this book 3.5 out of 5, not because it wasn’t extremely well-written (because it was) or very interesting and pulled you in (because it was and it did) but because it often felt disjointed as it jumped from Naphthali or Daniel’s former life and because we were left with more questions than answers at the end.  I’m greatly looking forward to reading more about Daniel and Naphthali in coming books.

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