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Book Review of The Arrival: The Birthright Trilogy, Book 1

Book Review of The Arrival: 
    The Birthright Trilogy, Book 1
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Title: The BirthRight Trilogy
Author: Nicole MacDonald
Genre: Fantasy

Blurb : 

The Arrival:  Book One

Cat, Kassie, Sian and Loi are anything but damsels in distress. Fed up with a lack of decent male specimens they cast a love spell in the hopes of finding their soul-mates. And inadvertently land themselves on another planet.
The Arrival, follows the girls' adventures as they stumble through a foreign and often hostile world where humans are NOT at the top of the food chain. Friendships are forged and love teeters on the horizon while the threat of civil war looms thanks to the girls' very unexpected 'gifts'. Will the girls master these gifts in time to survive a war in which, not only are they the ultimate weapons, but also the ultimate prize...


Awakening:  Book Two

Be careful what you wish for...

A seemingly innocuous love spell caused Catherine, Sian, Laura, and Kassandra to cross worlds in search of their soul mates. But more than love drew them to Gar'nyse. Truths are revealed and lives forever altered after an attack at the castle. An age old feud between two archaic families threatens to tear the world they've arrived in apart. As the ultimate weapons in such a war the four girls are the only hope for peace.

But one of them lies unconscious from the attack, and the destiny that awaits her when she wakes will change everything.

Feel the Burn: Book Three

The battle to save Gar'nyse is upon them and already the costs are insurmountable. 

With no other option but to knowingly sail into a trap, the girls, the Griffon Guard, and the gathered forces set forth to reach the castle and destroy Jenviet. However the loss of Alek means the task sits fully on the four girls' shoulders and with only one of them at their full Elemental abilities, the risk of death, or worse—failure—is high. Now with nothing to lose, Catherine refuses to link with the other girls, hoping that she alone will be able to take Jenviet. But the malevolent Sorceress of Vo'Arum has other plans...

About the Author:

Nicole MacDonald is a thirty something year old Kiwi who loves to read and moonlights as a novelist. From a young age she fantasized about being the heroine in the books and/or movies she watched and credits the series ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ for really inspiring her. Writing only occurred to her a few years ago after reading an abysmal tale with silly useless females where upon she decided to write a tale solely for herself where the girls got to kick butt without the usual sob story—betrayed/abused/abandoned etc. That little tale eventuated into the BirthRight Trilogy.
Nicole’s current daydream is that Joss Whedon (aka the genius of film) will discover the BirthRight Trilogy and demand the film rights to it. Until then, she’s working on several other writing projects and aiming to explore the world with her partner.


The first book, The Arrival, is FREE everywhere.

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Wattpad – where The Arrival is now available


The Arrival – Excerpt
The track quickly led to the river and I dropped my stuff near the edge. Kneeling, I dunked my top in the water and scrubbed it full of soap, smiling when I heard splashes further out in the water. Audi’s such a water baby and as long as it’s by choice rather than me giving her a bath she’ll swim anywhere. I swished the top under the water, rinsing the soap out. The splashes got closer and I glanced up.
Alek stood in the middle of the river, the water lapping mid thigh on him.
I froze, heart thudding loudly in my ears as I stared.
The water cascaded down his taut muscular body, his blue black hair shoved back out of his eyes and his white essentially see-through undergarment. My jaw dropped; I don’t think I’d ever seen such a fantastic specimen in real life before.
Alek stared at Catherine in surprise; he’d thought all the women would have slept for a few more hours at least. About to call out a greeting, he stopped when he noticed her slack jawed expression.
Suddenly I could make out the rational voice in my head, it shrieked at me; STOP STARING! HE’S LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU!
My eyes jerked up to dark blue ones that regarding me in amusement, an eyebrow arched.
And in the manner of any intelligent, attractive, level headed female who’s been caught out… I promptly blushed beetroot, muttered something unintelligent and snatched my things before bolting for the tent. I hurtled past Daron heading toward the river.
Alek stared after Catherine. She’d turned a rather remarkable shade of red then run off. Not far off the color of her hair, Alek mused in amusement. She obviously approved of what she’d seen; he chuckled at the recollection of shock in those wide green eyes when she realized he watched.
'Alek! What’d you do to Catherine?' Daron appeared at the end of the track, a concerned expression on his face.
Alek smirked.
Uh oh, thought Daron, I know that look. He stopped in the track and gave Alek a look of his own. 'Explain. Now.'
Alek arched an eyebrow at Daron’s tone. 'I did nothing to her,' he struggled to keep a straight face. 'She didn’t notice me swimming here and seemed a bit,' he paused and shot Daron a crooked grin. '…surprised to find me.'
Daron envisioned the scene and gave a snort of amusement. 'You do know your shorts are see-through when wet, Alek.'
'You know, I think Catherine noticed that.’ Alek smirked then shrugged. ‘I thought they’d sleep for a few more hours. Didn’t think I’d need to worry about company.'


            Oh My!  Imagine asking to be put in the right place and time to find your soulmate.  You’re thinking maybe a chance meeting, a new job opportunity, a friend of a friend, and then you wake up in the dirt in strange clothes somewhere you have never been.  Weird, scary, yep.  But then these fierce scary animals attack and you have to fight them off and just as you think you are going to die Griffins, real-life freaking griffins, land in front of you.  Now you know you are going to die.  But you don’t because men are riding on them.  Yes that’s right, riding on them.  Turns out they are your soulmates.  I don’t know how you would react, but I think I would need a trip to the loony bin and lots of drugs.

            The heroines in this book, however, manage it with dignity and make the best of it.  Yes, they get sad knowing that they will never be returning home or seeing their families again, but they have found love and a purpose.  Things are good… except for the pesky bit about the crazy woman trying to kill them.

            I literally could not put this book down.  I was hooked before the first chapter ended.  I do admit that I wasn’t thrilled with the contemporary setting and worried about how much I would like this book.  However, the spell was cast and I was hooked.  I laughed.  I worried.  I was right there.  The scene was tense, I was on the edge of my seat…” the world exploded in red.”  I kid you not, that’s the last line.  Are you kidding me?!?!  You can’t end a book like that… a chapter, okay; but not a book. 

            I’m not due to review book two for seven more days.  I have three books to read between now and then… yeah right, like I’m going to wait to find out what happens.  All I can say is buy all three books right away because you will be yelling at your e-reader, computer, book, whatever if you didn’t.

            Such a fabulous book.  In all seriousness, I highly recommend it.  I am so into these books.  I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds.  I would give higher, but that’s as high as I go.  I’ve already given my copy to my daughter and I’ve stopped her from reading until her grades go up so you know it’s a great book if I already gave it to her.

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  1. Thank you for hosting me :) and I'm beyond thrilled that you enjoyed the story! And yes you can end a book like that >;) if it's a continuing story... *hehehe*

  2. Just be very lucky you are one who didn't have to wait for the other two to be written after reading the first book. It was hell waiting for the second one only to drop everything, read the second (and might I add, live through them emotionally also). And then we had to wait for the last one and do it all over I stoped reading another book just to start reading 'Feel the Burn' when it came out. These books just grab you up and take you with them while you read. They are amazing :)

    1. I know. That might have killed me. I had to do that with the Harry Potter books and numerous others,but I was glad to have these. I loved them.