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Book Review of Murder in the Homeplace

Book Review of Murder in the Homeplace

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Blurb : 

From Back of the Book:
A police radio scanner call of '419' - "dead human body" - on a bucolic fall afternoon in the south-central Missouri Ozarks small town of Oak Springs sends a part-time local newspaper reporter, Penny Nixon, on the adventure of her life-time. Warned by her editor to only look for 'human-interest angles' to the story, her actions bring her perilously close to interviewing the knife-wielding perpetrator of a bizarre murder. The victim is a recently disgraced young attorney who only weeks earlier was involved in a domestic violence incident with his 'banker's daughter' bride in this quiet small town.

About the Author:

Dr. Bill (William L.) Smith
Writer, Blogger, Family Historian and Genealogist (affiliated with and
Retired, Professor Emeritus of Management, School of Business, Emporia State University, Emporia, KS. Also, former Chair of Business Administration and Education Department, former Director, Center for Business and Economic Development.
Long-time teacher of on-line classes
Past President (2007-2009) of Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, Inc. (Kansas)


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This is a charming story told from the point of view of a newspaper reporter who is interviewing people around town after a murder occurs in her home town.  She interviews various people in town affected by the murders or connected to the victim.

This is a novella.  It is well-written, sweet, and written in a fairly passive voice.  This does not, however, take away from the story.

I give this book 3.5 out of 5 clouds.

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