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Book Review of Swan Story

Book Review of Swan Story
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Title: Swan Story
Author: Priya Narendran
Genre: New Adult Romance / Fairy Tale / Fantasy

Blurb : 

Soon to be married Daniel Macgregor meets mysterious beauty Sarah Mitchell on the day his father gives him a ballet company as a present. Although at first reluctant to take responsibility, he changes his mind when he realizes Sarah dances for the same company. Over the course of the production of "Swan Lake" they fall head over heels in love. Unknown to Daniel, Sarah is cursed to turn into a swan from sunset to sunrise and only true love will break the spell. So it makes Sarah wonder, what will happen when he finds out what she is.

Author Bio

My name is Priya Narendran and I have been a fan of fairy tales and paranormal fiction for years.  I started writing when I was seven years old and haven’t stopped writing since. So far I have written 2 books and I am in the process of writing my third.

As well as writing, I’m an avid film buff.  My favourite films include My Fair Lady, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Shining and Beauty and the Beast (Disney version).

I wrote Swan Story because I also love ballet and I’ve seen Swan Lake at least twenty times.  I hope you enjoy reading my book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.


Book Excerpts

A short time later the couple walk through long corridors and browse the thirty or so rooms one by one. Each one is kept in pristine condition even though they are never used, but as they enter yet another room, something catches her eye, and she gazes up at a Latin inscription which reads, “Amor caecus est.”

“Love is blind,” Sarah translates.

Daniel seems a little surprised and says, “Didn’t know you were a linguist.”

“I’m not. I just know that one phrase ... but do you think it’s true? That it’s possible to love someone whatever their faults are?”

Daniel takes a breath, “It all depends on the faults.”   

Sarah nods a little. It isn’t really the answer she was hoping for.


So what if all those fairy tales were true?  Turns out Odette, the Swan Princess, was real and rather than marry her and break the spell (Disney magic), the Prince leaves her because of what she was (Grimm story).  But she didn’t die, she lived on and had children who also bore the curse.  Now, many years later, her descendant Sarah is a prima ballerina set to dance the part of the Swan Queen in “Swan Lake.” And like Odette, she is cursed to live as a swan at night until someone loves her knowing she is cursed.

Cue rich, self-centered Daniel…the supposed Prince in this story.  Daniel is about as far from a prince as you can get, for one thing he’s engaged.  True it’s not a love match, but still.  So can Daniel love Sarah knowing that she’s a swan at night?  And what will happen to his fiancĂ©?

There are so many twists and turns in this story.  In fact I really wanted to reach in and slap the fiancĂ© and give a really hard Gibbs/ DiNozzo  smack to Daniel or shake him until his teeth rattled.  But given that this is a retelling of a fairy tale, the ending had to be happy.  Yay!!!  I wouldn’t be very happy if it was a Grimm ending.

I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

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