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Book Review of Shattered Silence By Ron C. Nieto

Book Review of Shattered Silence By Ron C. Nieto
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Genre: Young Adult Romance Ghost Story
Pages: 290


Keith never believed in Happily Ever After, at least not for someone like him. However, that’s exactly what it feels like when he has the love of his life by his side.
Alice fought everything she was, everything she thought she wanted to be, just to save him. When the nightmare blew over and the both of them were left standing, she thought she’d get her shot at happiness.
But how long can bliss last when everything they hold dear starts to crumble around them? Can they truly be free of a hatred that’s been alive for centuries?
The song has been played and, in its wake, the silence shatters…

Author Information: 

Ron C. Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time. Recently, she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations, because it was selfish to hoard them all for herself.

If you would like to know more about her, please visit her website.




I don't know what made me look up, away from the inviting smile. It was just a fraction of a second before the brakes screeched, and then the whole of the student body was watching as the old mustang careened off the road and into the lot without slowing down.

Straight at us.

Every instinct I had kicked in and I grabbed Alice, jerking hard back and to the side. There wasn't time, the car was too fast, but at the last moment, I saw it swerve, the driver-side passing us a couple of feet away.

The driver got out and slammed the door shut hard enough for the alarm to go off. The screech was cut short by a well-placed kick from the crazy kid, but it seemed to awaken people from their stupor and a cacophony exploded all around us.

"Man! What the hell?"

"Oh my God, is someone hurt?"

"What happened?"

I tuned them out when I heard Alice's shaky voice, so unlike herself. "Keith? Are you... are you okay?"

I nodded and relaxed the steel grip I still maintained on her. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"What’s wrong with that idiot?" she asked, letting out a laugh that was half hysterics, half stunned amazement. "He could’ve killed us."

For a moment, I wondered if that hadn’t been his intent. There are some subpar drivers out there, but no one had ever pulled such an entrance in the school’s lot. Wrenching my eyes away from Alice, I sought out the boy who’d been behind the wheel. I found his stare focused on me—on us. There was a vacant smirk pulling at the corners of his mouth and his eyes glinted with a resentment that wasn’t normal, especially from someone I didn’t even know. It took a personal investment to muster that much contempt, such a deep dislike of another being, and I wasn’t aware I had done anything to deserve his.

More weirdness. I felt the cold fingers of paranoia dancing up my spine in a sinister caress.


While this book can be read on its own, I would recommend reading the first book “Silent Song” first as it provides the background that helps with understanding.  However, you can read this book without doing so.
This book picks up with Alice and Keith after they have defeated an evil ghost and their lives have returned to normal…right?  Then weird stuff starts happening again.  First it can all be explained away, but when more and more things happen Keith and Alice begin to wonder if they are cursed to have an unhappily ever after.
The author builds great suspense through the story so that you are never sure who or what is behind things until the end. The side story is Keith meeting Alice’s family and telling them that he plans to be an accountant not a musician.  Alice’s mother arranges for Keith to audition for a record exec who unexpectedly likes Keith’s instrumental style enough to have him cut a demo record and have a mini-tour.

I give this story a 4.5 out of 5.

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