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Book Review of The Crashing of Heaven and Hell

Book Review of The Crashing of Heaven and Hell
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The Crashing of Heaven and Hell
By Dennis Spielman

Pages: 166
149122035X (ISBN13: 9781491220351)
Book Length: 166 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace


It was so beautiful, yet so terrible, to see the crashed islands of Heaven and Hell naked on the planet’s surface. To blurt out how and why would be a great insult to everyone involved. To be truly enlightened, or entertained if you’re an Atheist, you must know the series of events that happened on the day Heaven and Hell came crashing down. Follow the normal lives of several people on the Green Planet as they deal with vengeful actors, kidnapping robots, making a documentary, a disappearing moon, scavengers in space, a zombie rights protest, and the Gods’ schemes to cause the planet’s heaven and hell to crash on the surface. Take an amazing journey on Hell’s wicked roller coaster, fly with angels in heaven, shop in a futuristic mall in the shape of a crystalline horse, run from a giant three headed dog on a hover board, meet some fascinating people, and get involved in the Gods’ drama in Dennis Spielman’s book, The Crashing of Heaven and Hell.

Author Information: 

Dennis Spielman is locally known for producing the travel show site, Uncovering Oklahoma, which he started back in 2009. He’s author of Uncovering Oklahoma’s Date Idea Book series and The Movie Murder Mystery Party, along with several short stories and movies. He also produced an improvised comedy series, Dennis Spielman’s [Wild] Improv Challenge, and directed the Twinprov music video, Iron Man 2 Rap (Lady Gaga Bad Romance Remix). He spends most of his time working, exploring new places, and creating new projects, both big and small.

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The Crashing of Heaven and Hell
By Dennis Spielman


(A Scene from Chapter 12)

Virus woke up violently, as if she’d killed in a nightmare. She sat upright on her zebra-striped comforter. Randomly arranged on her red walls were twenty-five of her favorite pictures, each with a unique element of beauty or passion. In one corner was a brown dresser in the style of a tree trunk with pictures she personally took of her boyfriend. In another corner was a checkered green dresser with candid photos of Virus that Jet took. The lighting in the room—as Virus described it to be after spending hours working on it—was perfect.

She dressed in black, baggy jeans, with a linked chain belt, and a bright red t-shirt with a sleeve ripped off and a set of white Rorschach inkblots on the front. Sweat dripped off her wavy jet-black hair. She felt drained despite her nap.

Her past was not the source of her current tension. The circle repeated itself. She had to act quickly. She opened the only window in her room, which was on the south wall. She jumped outside, her onyx combat boots meshed with red grass to match their red house. The house itself looked like three triangles with the tips pointing out towards the blue-green sky.[1]

Hungry for energy, she ran to the Scattered Market across her moderately sized yard, big enough to land a few vehicles. As she made her way, tiny Flower Sprites in the yard fluttered away, scattering in every direction. The market was mix of improvisational shacks for shops where all sorts of people (and by “people,” I do not imply only humans, but all living beings such as radical robots, ghastly grays, pleasant puppets, gruesome globins, unicorns, and frolicking fairies, just to describe some of the many kinds of people) sought the market’s most unique food and items around. Virus only wanted to hear a scream.

Unlike the city, the market had a natural, sort of organic randomness to its layout. Virus weaved deep in the market’s maze before she approached a middle-aged troll in a brown business suit. She grabbed his left arm, turned him around, and then lifted up the sleeves of his suit and dug her fingernails into his skin. She soaked in the sound of his painful scream. The sound of anyone screaming gave her energy and a euphoric sensation. As beautiful as she felt in this state, sometimes, but not this time, she would remember this genetic mutation emerged the day she saw her mother die.

Virus released a deep breath, coming down from her high, and then promptly kneed the troll in the crotch and ran off.

“Not back to the house,” she said to herself. “You don’t want him to know where you live. He might come pay you a visit. Maybe leave a severed head.”

Virus ran down a random path in the market. People looked at her, but didn’t care to do anything. Lazy bastards, she thought. She kept weaving deeper, not thinking nor watching - just escaping. “Whoa.”

Virus nearly fell over from a loose stepping-stone. She took the moment to size up her new deserted surroundings. It was a clear circular intersection. She knew the area. In the center stood a stone pot with a blue glass rose.

“I guess I needed to come here,” she said. “It has been a long time, Mom.”

Virus approached the rose, but she stopped herself. She turned away and hastily sat down on a stone facing the rose. She just stared at the rose for a long time. No thoughts, just sitting there and staring at it. She closed her eyes to take in the pain before she shot up and screamed her heart out. She fell to her knees as a wave of relief and power swept over her. The ground rumbled. She looked around. “What the Hell?”


Virus turned toward the rose. Hovering in a ghostly form was her mother. She possessed a mystical, elegant beauty to her nature when compared to Virus. While Virus was rough and tough, she was smooth and peaceful in a nimble, purple dress.

“Mom,” Virus said, fighting back tears.

“You can see me?”


Her mother looked just as bewildered as Virus.

“They were telling the truth. Well then, I have to warn you.”

“Warn me about what, Mom?” Virus had never been this scared. “What’s going on?”

“Always think about how you can make something better.”

“Okay, why tell me this?”

Virus stepped forward, but her mother faded away under the distraction of another minor quake.

Virus’ face went blank. She reflected on the ghostly visit. Many unbelievable, imaginative, crazy, magical, beautiful, and wonderful things existed in this universe, but seeing spirits was not a common occurrence. It sent a chill through her.


            Intersting mix of science fiction, fantasy, and Greek mythology.  This story is set in fantasy universe inhabited by a mixture of creatures, both typical and fantastic, and the Greek gods and many demi-gods.

            The gods and a demi-god with fantastic powers end up releasing all the spirits from heaven and hell.  The resulting chaos is interesting.

            I found the story to be fantastical yet containing all the typical struggles we all face.  The book was slow moving at points and difficult to follow occasionally, yet remained intriguing until the end.

            I give the story 3.5 out of 5 clouds.

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