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Book Review of The Billionaire’s Will

Book Review of The Billionaire’s Will
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The Billionaire’s Will Virtual Book Tour
A Mystery Romance Novel
By Marti Talbott

About The Billionaire's Will    
The Harlan Detective Agency was the best there was when it came to finding missing people. They were also the most expensive, so it was no coincidence that they were hired to find the heir to a fortune totaling over 1.6 billion dollars.
   Nicholas Gladstone left everything to a granddaughter he didn't know he had until a week before he died, but which one was it - the maid secretly working in the parent's home, an office worker, or the young woman tragically killed in a car accident?
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About the Author
   Marti Talbott lives in Seattle and has written 26 novels, including The Billionaire's Will, Seattle Quake 9.2, The Promise, and Broken Pledge. She began writing the Highlander Series in August of 2009. The first five books are a collection of 20 short stories followed by nine full length novels. Her Marblestone Mansion Series follows the MacGreagor Clan into Colorado's early 20th century.
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Initially the story was a little confusing as it keeps jumping from the dysfunctional couple and their maid who is spying on them, to a woman working in the “office from hell” who has an on-line friendship/flirtation with a guy and a good friend in the office she gossips with, to a trio of detectives working with an attorney to find the long-lost granddaughter of his deceased client.   This is initially very confusing as you have no idea why the maid is important other than the fact that she is trying to rob the couple of something.  You also have no idea why the woman in the office is important except you find out her on-line friend is the attorney.  The attorney and the detectives are working actively to keep the dysfunctional couple from inheriting the money left by her father to the granddaughter he didn’t know he had until a week before he died.  Most of the reason they are trying to keep the couple from inheriting the money is because of the horrid husband who is sleeping and gambling his way around the world.

I had a hard time following the story since the point of view changed and the stories seemed so un-related.  This was a definite turn-off for me.  I knew that eventually it would be explained, but it felt so disjointed that I had a hard time reading it.  Other than this points, which in my mind is a huge issue, the book was very good.  The story lines were well thought out and delivered in a believable, drawn-into-the-story kind of way.  I think if I hadn’t been so frustrated by the jumping around point of view with no little connection in the stories I would have given the story a perfect score.

I give this story 3.5 out of 5 clouds for excellent writing and an intriguing story behind all the changing view points.

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