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Book Review of Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro

Book Review of  Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro
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Secret Seekers Society and the Beast of Bladenboro follows the young protagonists Hunter Glenn, and Elly Ann through an adventure ripe with adversity, paranormal monsters, secret societies, and most haunting of all, a life without their parents. 

The book follows both, the sibling’s emotional struggle from their parent’s sudden loss, as well as their physical journey into a new and strange “home”, an ancient and creepy mansion known only as the Belmonte Estate. It is here where they first learn of their new guardian, an eccentric old man named Professor Clandestine and the rest of the mansion's caretakers. Tossed into their bedroom, and locked away under the pretense of “safety concerns” it does not take long for the children to hatch an escape plan. 

Follow the children as they slowly unravel the secrets of their parent’s true identities, the origin of the strange Mansion, and their inheritance into an ancient secret society of monster hunters known as Seekers.  

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Hunter didn't answer, he found himself at a loss for words. The room was magnificent, like nothing he’d ever seen in his life, fully decorated with strange, bizarre things. Immediately he was drawn to the northern wall, where a collection of mounted animal heads were displayed brightly upon their crests. Hunter expected to see regular game on display, like an elk, or the snarling head of a grizzly bear, maybe something more exotic like a lion. These had to be fake, some sort of faux decorative animal heads for show, far too strange to be anything else.

There were a dozen or mysterious heads, the first one Hunter noticed was a reptile head with thick dark skin, it’s mouth filled with sharp teeth, which wouldn't be any cause for concern, except for the fact that it was the same size as the saber-tooth tiger's head that sat next to it. There was also what appeared to be the head of a Big Foot sitting in the center of them all. The head was enormous, larger than any of the other strange creatures alongside it. The face was snarling, its mouth wide open, its lips pulled back, showcasing its teeth, its brown beady eyes staring at Hunter like it was ready to rip his head off with one bite. Hunter didn't feel comfortable looking at the display. In fact, it frightened him. Even if they were decorations, they were extremely realistic. The monstrous heads shouldn't have surprised Hunter, nothing the children had seen outside or inside the mansion was anywhere near ordinary.

Hunter and Elly didn't move from the mighty entrance, still too taken aback at the overpowering sight of the inner castle. To the left and right of the children were two staircases, both winding upwards, connecting to create a fancy balcony that housed a few elegant couches, tables, and the doors to a large elevator. In front of the children, quite a ways into the mansion was a very large desk where a woman sat, presumably the woman who had powered on the lights. The desk itself was enormous; fitting for the simple fact that everything the children had seen thus far on the estate was massive in stature. Hunter poked Elly with his elbow, motioning towards the mysterious mounted heads, but she had already been caught up in her own amazement, next to the dual staircases stood two life-sized unicorns. Much like Hunter and the weird mounted heads, she knew they couldn't be real unicorns; she assumed someone had created them from stuffed horses, expressing some sort of artistic creation. Everyone knew unicorns didn't exist. Despite that fact, their beauty was still unmatched by any living animal she had ever seen. She felt a momentary sense of happiness looking at them, for a brief moment she forgot about the troubles that plagued their young lives.

Joe has dedicated his life to writing. He studied and attained his Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing at Saginaw Valley State University. Joe tends to dabble in Young Adult fantasy, and considers it his passion. He is eager to release the rest of the Secret Seekers Society series, and hopes to release a new book annually. Outside of writing, Joe is a dog lover and enthusiast, especially of his two Great Danes, named Trayer and Sadie. He also heads up his own paranormal investigation group in Saginaw, Mi., where he resides.

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            The book was wonderful.  I have already bought book 2 because I enjoyed it so much, and if you knew me you would know that I rarely buy books because there are so many great free ones out there, but I couldn’t wait to read more.

            The story is about two children who lose their parents and then find out that they have been willed to a total stranger.  However they soon find that the strangest thing isn’t that they will be living with a stranger, but rather that a whole world they thought was fiction is real.  The story explores loss, love, and what really makes a family through a fantasy filled story.

            Well written and intriguing, this story grabbed me right at the start and didn’t let go until well after I had finished the book.

            I give this story 5 out of 5 clouds.

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