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Book Review of Fur, Fangs and Secrets

Book Review of Fur, Fangs and Secrets
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About the Book

Title: Fur, Fangs and Secrets

Author: Katie Gatto

Genre: Paranormal Romance

When Alpha Cole Martin takes his mate from the middle of a public park, he expected some complications. He didn’t expect her to have a few secrets of her own.

Author Bio

Katie Gatto is a New Jersey based fantasy and romance author, with more than a dozen books to her name. You can follow her on Twitter for up to the moment updates or find on her author site. Samples of her works are also available onWattpad.



This was a different type of shifter/vampire book.  At times I really didn’t like the three main characters.  The alpha was a bully and the vampire was slimy, and the worst was the girl was passive aggressive.  I wanted to slap the wolf, sun the vamp, and shake the girl until her teeth rattled.  Eventually they all tried to play nice.  Still not sure why I care which one gets the girl, but somehow I do.  That just goes to show how well written the story is.

Despite the bad beginning and the tangled webs they weave, the story comes together.  I found that I truly cared for the shifter, and wanted him to win.  I thought the plot climax was intriguing, and I haven’t read a story with that particular outcome before.  I would love to gush about it but I don’t want to give it away because it really is the best part of the book.

I give this book 3.5 out of 5 clouds.  I look forward to seeing what happens to this up and down trio.

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