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Book Review and excerpt of The Resistance: Leprechaun

Book Review of The Resistance:  Leprechaun
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About the Book

Title: The Resistance: Leprechaun

Author: Kristyn Stone

Genre: Young Adult

When most teenagers turn sixteen they receive a car or a watch from their family but one Florida teen learns a family secret.

Garritt wakes on his sixteenth birthday to find himself as a leprechaun. Garritt must go live with family in Ireland to learn what it means to be a leprechaun. While in Ireland, he makes new friends but an evil plot against the leprechauns is revealed, sadly only Garritt and his friends can stop it.

Being a teenager is hard but being a teenage leprechaun is even harder.

Author Bio

Kristyn Stone was born Kristyn Burkes in Pahokee Florida on April 15, 1989; she grew up in Lady Lake, Florida.

Kristyn began writing when she was twelve and continued to write after she graduated from Leesburg High School.

Now at the age of twenty-six she has self-published two books in The Resistance series, she came up with the story while she was pregnant with her oldest son when she kept having strange dreams of him being a leprechaun.


Book Excerpts

It figures that on my sixteenth birthday, that some retarded family trait would stop me from having a normal life; I’m already a dork at school now I’m a freak too.

As I woke up, my family was around my bed. Mom and dad were on either side of me sitting on my bed, while my grandparents were at the edge by my feet. They were all smiling at me, well everyone but mom.

“What’s going on? Why is everyone in here? Am I dying? I cannot be dying or else you wouldn’t be smiling, would you?” I asked.

My dad held a mirror for me, I tried to reach for it but I couldn’t, my hands and arms were too small! As I looked into the mirror, I started screaming… I thought I was looking at me. It looked like me, but I was tiny, very tiny.

“You have become the next generation leprechaun of the Burkes clan.” Granda beamed.

Okay that explained it I am a leprechaun. Wait I am a what? No way no way no way…

“Are you out of your freaking minds? Leprechauns don’t exist, so how can I be a leprechaun?” I demanded.

Garritt, every mythical story comes from some truth,” Dad claimed.

The word leprechaun was running through my mind; me a leprechaun; a small person with a pot of gold and a rainbow. Holy crap. How could I be a leprechaun, I do not even like green, and I do not like money, let alone gold. Okay so I am a leprechaun, how can I hide this? How did my family hide this? There had to be a way to hide it or a way to get rid of it. I never knew my families were leprechauns so that has to be a good sign so I can hide this too, right? I have to clear my head, think straight.


            Such a fun story.  This story was fun to read.  The characters are memorable and people you could be friends with.  I enjoyed spending time in this world.  The characters are not perfect.  They have issues of their own, but they are people you would like to hang out with. 

            I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

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