Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Familiar Ties Review

Book Synopsis:
Initially I thought this story was just a “typical” romance.  The story plot is that two friends both have little girls very close in age.  Max lost his wife when his daughter was born.  Anna, the deceased wife, was the best friend of Amy, Max’s neighbor and friend.  They are godparents to each other’s children and the kids spend every day together.  The father of Amy’s child is an actor who is always working and is gone for months or years at a time.  Max and Amy are falling for each other, and from there you get your “typical” romance.  However, in Familiar Ties the author takes the story one step further.  Neither wants to admit to being in love, Amy moves in with the father of her daughter in a different town, and many other twists and turns.  However, true love always wins in the end.

Book Review:
In Familiar Ties you have a story that is more complex than expected.  The characters are fully developed, not just the main characters but the side characters as well.  You really come to feel as though you are part of this group of people and can feel their struggles over everyday and more momentous events.  I was drawn to the characters in this book for their flaws, as well as their strengths.  I loved the relationship the little girls have with each other and with Amy and Max.  The supporting players brought a lot of extra information and often humor.  I was impressed with how much I genuinely liked these people and wanted things to work out for them, and how much I wanted to slap Jack (but you’ll have to find that out for yourself).  
I give this 4 out of 5 clouds.  An excellent read for the beach, pool, or anytime you need a good read.


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    1. I checked out your link. Love them. I then had to go on-line and see some more. Fun. I love crossword puzzles too; I'm just really, really bad at them. I've just started playing "7 Words" on my phone. It's like tiny crossword puzzles and it's fun to play whenever I have a wait that isn't long enough to get out my Kindle.