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Book Review of TWICE CURSED

Book Review of TWICE CURSED by Jacqueline Paige

Book Synopsis:

Maddy is the oldest witchling to ever attend the Hidden Cove Academy, having been cursed as a teen; she’s forced to have a solitary life outside of her own magical community.  With her magic so dangerously unpredictable, she rarely takes the chance on mixing with the general public.

From one harmless trip to a museum she finds herself spellbound yet again by an invisible boundary, caused by a three hundred year old curse, dictating that Maddy must stay close to the stunningly sexy Colin.
 Being stuck with a tall, dark, incredibly lick-able stranger can’t be all that bad, right? Until they discover if they get too close the spirits bound with the curse will take over their bodies ... at the same time if they’re too far from one another the curse will kill them both.

Will the curse's secrets be unraveled in time or does certain death await them both? 

Author Information:

Jacqueline Paige is a world class multi-tasker. She is a mother to five adventurous children, a cafe manager, and has a colossal imagination that allows her to step outside of reality into an unpredictable world of paranormal romance. The first story in her Magic Seasons series—Beltane Magic was pub-lished in August 2009 and since then she has published the second, Solstice Heat, a Halloween romance—Behind the Mask and a two part Christmas/Valentines‟ Day story—In Our Dream and From A Dream. Jacqueline has more books coming out in 2010 and 2011.

Step into a world of Magic and passions....

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Book Review:

Jacqueline has created a unique world of witches that has aspects that are unlike most stories about witches.  This is a rare talent in a book universe populated by witches that generally fall into one of several categories.  I could easily picture this world and the people in it.  Her descriptions were vivid and glorious in detail.  More details were added as the story went along which helped further the connection between the character, plot, and setting.

I loved the main characters.  Maddy is the odd man out.  First she never gets to move on to a “normal” witch life because she is cursed as a child.  They she meets a gorgeous man, who thinks she is hot, and he comes with a curse.  Actually their meeting triggers a curse set by one of his ancestors.

Colin has his whole world turned topsy turvey just because he decided to go to a museum in a vain attempt to learn to relax, doctor’s orders.  The best thing he sees is this gorgeous redhead that he tries in vain to meet until they meet by accident by an ancient artifact.  Turns out he’s related to the owner of the artifact.  Colin is not a witch; in fact, he doesn’t even know witches exist until he is drawn into Maddy’s world.  He comes to quickly accept it as he is given very painful evidence that it exists.

I liked Maddy.  She was tall (like me), insecure (like me), has a temper and speaks her mind (like me), and learns that she is more than woman (and witch) enough to overcome any obstacle in her path.  Colin is a driven work-a-holic (like my husband), strong and protective (like my husband), and total confused most of the time.  They clicked and they were likeable.  You didn’t know if you wanted to rout for the curse to be lifted or not.  There were some good side effects to the curse.

Well written with crisp clever dialogue and descriptions, I give this book 5 clouds out of 5.

Book Excerpt:

         Sighing, she pulled her long hair from what was left of her ponytail.  Everyone knew she was way beyond the age of a witchling.  Maybe that was the real reason Maddy avoided large magical functions.  To be labeled a witchling at her age was beyond embarrassing.

            She sighed again and flipped the red hair behind her.  Red hair.  When someone says the colour red you think red car, red apple – but red hair doesn’t mean red.  It usually means something between carrot and rust.  So why is it called red hair?

            Never mind Maddy.  I suppose red is better than any alternative description.  Her hair wasn’t straight or wavy or naturally curly or even full body or any of those – it was straight with odd kinky sections, like it wanted to be wavy but didn’t have the energy.  The end result, it always looked messy.

            Oh, you’re feeling quite down on yourself today aren’t you Ramada Darcy?  Glancing up she noticed the sunlight was no longer raining through the leaves. 

            “Fine.  I can’t hide in my backyard forever.”  She stood up and brushed off her jeans.  Turning to face the aged bark on the tree she grimaced at it. 

“I’m ready tree.”  She placed her palm against the bark and felt the familiar movement under it.  “To Hidden Cove please.”  Without hesitation Maddy stepped towards the tree and by the next step was in the hallway near the side entrance at Hidden Cove Academy.  She glanced at her watch and hissed. “I’m late again.”  Knowing she had to reach the other end of the large building, she spun around the corner and jogged in the direction of the classrooms.  Going a little too fast around the last corner she slid to a stop and bounced right into the one person she’d hoped to avoid this visit.

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