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WARNING for adults only. Review of Named and Shamed

Book Review of Named and Shamed

Named and Shamed
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Publisher: Sweetmeats Press (May 15, 2012)
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Language: English
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Once upon a time, a naughty girl called Tansy stole a very precious manuscript from a kindly antiquarian. But all of the world’s ancient and powerful magic, lost for centuries, has returned…and now there is much more at stake than a few sheets of parchment!

Thus begins a rude and rugged fairytale the likes of which you NEVER read when you were little! Poor Tansy is led though the most pleasurable trials and the most shameful tribulations as her quest unfolds before her. Orgasmic joy and abject humiliation are laid upon Tansy in equal measure as she straddles the two worlds of magic and man.

Named and Shamed is published by Sweetmeats Press. The paperback version, available from Amazon UK and Amazon US, carries illustrations. The eBook version, available fromAmazon UKAmazon USAll Romance and Smashwordsonly has illustrations in certain versions (depends on the individual site’s policy).

Author Information:

Author Janine Ashbless states that Erotic fiction writing: it's not as wild and glamorous as you think. I spend a lot of time trying to keep my semicolons under control; I love the little beggars, but no one else does. I also worry about hyphenation - Blow-job? Blow job? Blowjob? - and am addicted to Spider Solitaire. 


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Book Review:

            Let’s start out by saying this is for adults ONLY!  And even then you should know what you are getting into.  This is not a book for the faint of heart.  It is erotic, dirty, filled with bondage and shame sexual scenarios involving the woman, Tansy, with men, women, and every fairy tale character you have ever heard of and probably a few you haven’t.

            This book is sexual, sinful, lusty, and invokes every dark fantasy you may ever have ever considered… even if it was just from the corner of your eye.  Not everyone, even erotic readers, will be able to handle the sexual situations in which Tansy is dominated, humiliated, and thoroughly abused.  However, for those who are open to the situations in this book, you will find yourself thoroughly aroused… so keep your significant other close as they will appreciate the side benefits.

            I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 10.  I’m tempted to add a kink rating just for this book and would put this at 6 out of 5.  (and no that wasn’t a typo).

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