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Giveaway and Book Review of Dream Lover, book 3 in Pam of Babylon Series

Giveaway and Book Review of Dream Lover, book 3 in Pam of Babylon Series

Blurb : 

The third book in the Pam of Babylon series, Dream Lover is a compilation of character studies of the women and one man who Jack Smith left behind. Slowly, they make their way to the Long Island village of Babylon for an audience with his widow. No longer in denial and stronger than she thought possible, Pam Smith is able to confront the horror of her marriage in its totality as she draws a new picture of the man she was married to. The new discovery she makes empowers her and she is able to maintain her strength and the grace and compassion she’s known for. Truly a formidable woman, Pam conquers her worst demons in Dream Lover.

About the Author:

Suzanne Jenkins lives at the west Michigan lakeshore with her husband, two dogs and two sheep.  Her latest books are Pam of Babylon, Don’t You Forget About Me and Dream Lover.


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Book Review:

            This story pissed me off.  I wanted Pam to get mad, to stand up for herself, to tell these people to go to hell.  Her husband dies and she finds out he cheated on her, brought the women to her home for weekend visits as friends and co-workers of her husband, had children with her husband, and even a man comes forward.

            The book draws you in and keeps you interested, except that I wanted to slap Pam at times.  She was too poised, too forgiving, and accepting.  Personally I would have dug him up and castrated him, then had him cremated and his ashes scattered somewhere very far away.  But then again, I would be a little vengeful too.  Pam is lost without her husband, and confused by all these new revelations.  She’s a little too controlled for me.

I knew a lady who found out her husband cheated on her after his death and burial.  I don’t know that this story is true, but it is in character for her and I rather hope it’s true.  When she found out he had cheated on her, she had him exhumed from the family plot and buried elsewhere.  That’s the spirit I want to see from Pam, not this banal acceptance.
            Stay tuned for more on this series.  For this book alone I give 3.5 out of 5 clouds.  I was sweet and an easy read, but I was truly too angry to enjoy the story.  She was just too calm, especially when she finds out he gave her AIDS.

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