Friday, October 26, 2012

Giveaway and Book Review of Attorney Client Privilege

Giveaway and Book Review of Attorney Client Privilege
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Blurb : 

A brutal murder, missing documents and an unscrupulous opposing counsel lead attorney Vernetta Henderson on a quest for justice—and ultimately—revenge. The hotshot L.A. lawyer takes on a corporation with a long history of discriminating against women. While Vernetta simply wants justice for her clients, the corporation’s hired gun wants to win . . . and she doesn’t care how. On the home front, Vernetta’s infamous sidekick Special has finally found true love. But is the price more than she’s willing to pay?

About the Author:

PAMELA SAMUELS YOUNG is a practicing attorney, whose fast-paced legal thrillers tackle law and crime. Her novels include Attorney-Client Privilege, Murder on the Down Low and Buying Time. A former television news writer, Pamela is a graduate of USC, Northwestern University and UC Berkeley’s Boalt Hall School of Law. Pamela currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Chapter of Sisters in Crime, an organization dedicated to the advancement of women mystery writers.


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Book Review:

            Generally when I read a book for review I have recently chosen to review the book, however in this case I chose to review the book several months ago, so when it was time to review this book I totally could not remember what it was about, however having worked for the courts I had a pretty good idea it was about a murder or other major crime since Attorney Client privilege is about the confidentiality between and attorney and their client so that the client and accused that keeps the attorney from being compelled to testify against their client.  However in my case I worked for the court so I had the confidentiality clause, but I worked in family law and testified to what went on during my meetings with clients.  The only time I ever had an issue was when a client confessed to a crime to me and I couldn’t do anything about it.  I definitely couldn’t be an attorney… but my daughter will probably end up one… she loves to argue.

            Anyway, back to the book, the storyline was excellent.  I was kept guessing until the end of the book. I loved the story but occasionally got a little lost.  The story seemed to jump around a lot at the beginning without any seeming correlation.  The relevance of each component was disjointed until near the end.  Some people enjoy this style of writing, but it turned me off a little.  Not enough to not want to read anything else by this author.  I will definitely read more by her, but I will keep in mind that this is not my favorite style of writing.

I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

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