Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Giveaway and Book Review of The Mistaken

Giveaway and Book Review of The Mistaken
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Blurb : 

Tyler Karras is an honest man, a transplanted Brit living the American dream, but his charmed life takes an unexpected turn when his brother, Nick, is coerced into joining ranks with San Francisco’s Russian mafia.  Ty intervenes to secure Nick’s freedom, yet only succeeds in incurring their wrath.  With no choice but to accept Nick’s new life, Ty returns to his own, but his dreams are dashed when his wife—pregnant with their first child—is killed, the victim of a reckless crime. 

Despondent and bitter, Ty macerates his grief in alcohol.  From the depths of the bottle screams a voice, howling for vengeance.  His target is a stranger, the woman who drew his wife toward her death.  He doesn’t know her, but he’ll find her, and when he does, he will make her pay, for a deal has been struck with Nick’s Russian associates, enslaving her into a life of bondage.  But as Ty moves forward in a cloud of alcohol, he mistakes the wrong woman for his intended victim and now all his plans have gone straight to hell.

With his eyes made clear by the stark reality of his mistake, Ty is driven, compelled by remorse and a relentless sense of guilt to make amends and protect Hannah Maguire, the innocent woman whose life he has derailed.  He vows to keep her safe and out of the Russians’ hands, but they’re holding Nick as leverage to force Ty to complete their deal and turn over the girl.  Once again, he must fight to free his brother, miring all three lives in further jeopardy.  But Ty can’t do it all:  Save the girl, his brother and his own soul.  One of them must make the ultimate sacrifice.

About the Author:

Nancy Thompson makes her fiction debut with The Mistaken.  She is an interior designer and California transplant, currently living with her husband near Seattle, WA.



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            This book was fabulous.  I loved the tense action scenes and underlying emotional content.  I love books that make you feel what the characters are feeling.  I cried when people died.  I really wanted to shake Ty until his teeth rattled on more than one occasion.  And give him a head slap once or twice (we call that a “Gibbs- DiNozzo” slap at our house).

            The ending was so perfectly romantic… until it just stopped.  I was listening to the book on my kindle, which has no  tonal inflection and therefore often sounds odd, and it just stopped.  I thought something was wrong with the kindle, but the story had ended.  I wasn’t quite ready for it. Although, to be fair, it was very romantic and really there was nothing left to say.

            I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

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  1. I'm reading this book at the moment and it's certainly a rollercoaster ride!


  2. Thanks, Mindy! I'm tickled you liked it!! I need readers like you on my Amazon review team!