Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Book Promotion for The Best of the Rest of Your Life

New Book Promotion for The Best of the Rest of Your Life 
by Alton  Morse


The Best Rest of Your Life: 76 Ideas for Discovering Your Passion and Purpose.

We're retiring earlier and living longer than ever before. So often, early retirees set out to do the things they haven't had time to enjoy during their working years. Then, suddenly, they discover that, "Playing golf (or fishing...or traveling...) 8 days a week soon gets old!" They look for purpose; for fulfillment; for something that will give the rest of their lives meaning.

Authors Mark Victor Hansen and Art Linkletter say it is the time when "our minds are at their most creative, and our passions burn their hottest." Author Ernie Zelinski calls it a "life stage filled with more freedom and potential than ever before."

Today's retirees don't want to rejoin the "rat race," but they do want more from life than leisure.

In "The Best Rest of Your Life," Dr. Alton Morse, a very active and fulfilled 93-year-old author and retiree, explores how to make that happen. In these pages, you will find 76 ideas for discovering your life passion and purpose...after you have completed your formal working years. But he doesn't want you to stop there. He challenges you to use these 76 ideas as a "spring-board" to a fulfilled life that leaves your successors with your wisdom and knowledge to make their world a better place. He wants to challenge you to leave a legacy that consists of far more than material possessions.

As you face the retirement maze, he challenges you to retire well. He shares how to face the uncertainties of your later life dealing with the challenges of ever-changing values of your money, health, and relationships. He helps you make meaningful decisions, enjoy hobbies, preserve your history, and find happiness.

You will be changed by reading these pages. You will find hope that the rest of your life can truly be the best of your life.


Alton Morse was a loving husband to Margie as long as she lived. He is a proud father and grandfather and a loyal friend.

A professional educator, Alton earned his EdD degree in 1968 from the University of Southern California (USC). He remains a loyal Trojan fan.

Alton spent most of his pre-retirement years in the Garden Grove Unified School District as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent in charge of curriculum, and associate superintendent in charge of business services.

After his formal retirement in 1980, Alton served as Vice-President and Treasurer of the University of La Verne. He enjoyed serving on the 1986-1987 Orange County Grand Jury. He also filled several interim educational positions for both colleges and school districts. He completely retired from work in 1995 to become care-taker for his wife Margie. He found a deep fulfillment and satisfaction in this role and urges readers to embrace all of life.

The final chapter of your life can be your best. Alton is a first-time published author at age 93. He proves it!

I am so proud to highly recommend this book.  Alton Morse is probably the kindest and wisest person I know.  I am proud to call him Papa Alton.  He is my great uncle and a wonderful fill-in grandfather. I strongly recommend this book to any and all.


I give this book 5 out of 5 clouds.

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