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Book Review of Kingdom of Heroes

Book Review of Kingdom of Heroes

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Title: Kingdom of Heroes
Author: Jay Philips
Genre: Fantasy / Superhero / Mystery

Blurb : 

Years ago, a gene virus ran rampant across the planet, leaving a small percentage of people gifted/ cursed with extraordinary abilities and humanity itself forever changed. Suddenly, there were people with super strength and speed, people who could read minds, people who could teleport themselves from place to place with but a single thought.

Several of these people joined together to form The Seven, the most powerful group of supers the world had ever known. Led by the enigmatic Agent America, The Seven kept the country safe from threats both foreign and internal. That is until the United States government decided the threat of the supers outweighed any protection they could offer.

After a war between the super powered and the normals (as non-powered humans are now referred), The Seven have placed themselves as the nation’s rulers, controlling the country through fear and intimidation. But now, someone or something is murdering The Seven one-by-one, single handedly attempting to make them pay for all of the sins they have committed.

To stop a killer, The Seven turn to a man who hates them as much as anyone. An imprisoned man known only as The Detective finds himself in the unenviable position of helping the people he despises in exchange for his freedom.

About the Author:

Jay Phillips lives in Tennessee with his wife, his two children, and a golden retriever named Shippo. A lifelong lover of comic books, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and everything else from the nerd culture, he prides himself on writing fiction that crosses boundaries.



“Where the fuck is he?” The Ice Queen yelled as she rode to the top of the parking garage on a giant slide made of ice, her body coated in a thick sheath of frozen crystal, her “superhero” form. She sparkled like a diamond.
                The Detective stood up, placing his hat back on his head. “He’s gone. He got away.”
                “Where the hell did he go?” she cried out as she rode her ice slide to the concrete ground, coming to rest next to him. “What the hell did he do, just fucking disappear?.”
                “He just fucking disappeared,” The Detective said, staring at the ice that covered her from head to toe and wanting to ask if he could touch it. “How did you find me anyways?”
                “You two disappeared in a flash of electricity, and then I saw another flash that came from this spot. I iced up and got here as fast as I could.” She threw her hands up in the air. “Apparently, I wasn’t fast enough. Now, how the hell did you end up here?”
                “When I shot inside the armor, it did something to it,” he answered. “We teleported here, and then he teleported away.”
                “Why didn’t he kill you?”
                “I don’t think I’m on his target list,” he said, absentmindedly rubbing his right arm. “He left here without firing another shot.”
                She pointed at him. “Then what’s that?”
                He looked to his right. Blood poured from a hole in his shoulder, running down his arm and dripping off the back of his hand. He sat back down. “So apparently I didn’t dodge that barrage of gunfire as well as I thought I had.”
                She walked over to him and peeled his coat off of his arm. “Take your shirt off.”
                “I don’t think we have time for that, do we?” he asked as she pulled the bloody shirt down past the wound.
                “Not now, you idiot.”
                She touched his bare skin. He felt like he was being rubbed by a beautiful popsicle.


Let me just say that any author who knows what Gallifrey is should be worth reading (my daughter, age 17, fired her nerd (don’t ask) for not knowing), but more importantly this book is good.  It’s like a mix of “The Incredibles”, “X-men”, and “Watchmen.”  Only if they were all like really good… and don’t jump down my throat I didn’t say I didn’t like the movies.

The story is told in a series of snippets looking back over the life of the main characters.   The world created is in vivid detail and fascinating layers.  I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds. 

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