Monday, August 26, 2013

Book Review of Eyes of Love author guest post

Book Review of Eyes of Love author guest post

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1. I didn’t know book publishing was all about sales! Not my story, not my knowledge, not my credentials… not my anything. Having a super marketing strategy seems to outweigh any story line you could ever dream up.

Publishers are all about sales and, naturally, so are self-publishers.

The reality of the situation dictates, that in order to be successful, authors themselves need to work extremely hard at promoting their books. At least half of your day will be about promotion: it may sound staggering but it’s realistic.

2. I thought one day in the not too distant future, I would make enough money to cut down the working hours of my nursing job. I thought I would be at least breaking even with costs.

3. I didn’t know how little I knew about writing and would need to read, read and read more books about writing.

4. As a newbie the cover of my book was often the result of input from the graphic artist to even the platform who was publishing my book … anyone but me.

5. That professional editing would be necessary and worth every dime. It is very difficult to edit your own work… after publishing it is such a shock to find there are spelling errors that were missed.

6. That I needed to learn the formatting language … don’t set tabs, do this, do that. The alternative: hire an expert.

7. Patience, patience and patience. Why does it take so long? The book has been edited. The final cover has been decided on… everyone will love it! What … 3 weeks before the first review of the book’s copy is ready! Don’t they have a team working for them? Don’t they have software that converts in minutes like all the Internet Marketer’s have been telling me about?

8. You need to grow a thick skin! After all, every one is entitled to an opinion and not everyone will like your book. You have to accept you really can’t please everyone all the time, even some of the time. You have to accept everyone’s view is based on their life’s experiences. You have to really grow and learn from what the reviewers tell you … sometimes it will be that you repeated yourself 8 times, that your story is a waste of time, that they will never read anything else you write! Yes, you really do need to grow a thick skin because you do benefit from feedback! And reviews do help sell your books, good reviews and bad ones. The best gift a reader can give an author is a brief review.

9. That I couldn’t avoid Facebook and Twitter any longer. Readers want to interact with authors personally or on social sites… and you want to know your readers. Readers are passionate supporters of their favorite authors’ careers and will not hesitate to encourage you: they become ambassadors for your work.

10. Join Professional Writing Associations … get to know the writing industry and feel proud to belong to a noble profession.

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