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Book Review of Inito

Book Review of Inito

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The witch knew she had died.

Wynn’s return to the world of the living is not the only mystery surrounding the fusion of light and dark. Young men and women inexplicably disappear from their homes. Strange noises and moving shadows plague Wynn as she follows Gethin to a castle by the sea to negotiate the futures of Dristol and Irador. A new evil has emerged in the wake of Alexandria’s death, and Wynn must uncover what it is before the fates of the brother kingdoms are irrevocably sealed--in the hands of Chaos.

Author Information: 
Alyssa Auch was born and raised in Pennsylvania with loving parents and three hilarious younger siblings. Her imagination was sparked by the lush, green forests and bright colors of her home that often spoke of other worlds only found in the magic of writing. She brought that inspiration into the fantasy novels she so loves to create.

Currently, Alyssa is a senior at Brigham Young University-Idaho studying Marriage and Family Relations with a minor in English. She is married to her High School sweetheart, and they have three beautiful children who keep them both very occupied. Although her novels are often written in the late hours of the night and during cherished naptime blocks, she devotes a very special part of herself to the power of words and love of storytelling.



So what happens when you change thousands of years of tradition and join forces with your supposed enemy instead of killing or being killed?  Strange and wonderful things.  Well strange anyway.  Wynn and Gethin are supposed to be the Montagues and Capulets or the Hatfields and McCoys.  They are not supposed to fall in love, and they are definitely not supposed to combine their magic, one side is supposed to win.  Going against tradition has some unexpected outcomes.  Is love worth the cost?  Well don’t ask Romeo and Juliet, but read this book to find out if Wynn and Gethin overcome the odds or end up the same.

This is a wonderful follow up to the first book, Lunula by author Alyssa Auch.  The romantic fantasy is a fresh voice in a sometimes overly crowded field.  Her soft touch brings just the right breath of spring to the genre.  This story is fascinating, romantic, sweet, scary, adventurous, and filled with all the magic and fantasy to fulfill every wish.

I give this story 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

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