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Book Review of Seducing Adam

Book Review of Seducing Adam

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About The Book

Title: Seducing Adam
Author: LizAnn Carson
Genre: Contemporary Romance

His plans could devastate her island.
But the island had other plans for him.

Stacie Halloran was perfectly content running her bed and breakfast in Windon Harbor, on Malaspina Island off the Pacific coast of Canada. Or maybe not perfectly content, since there was a decided shortage of eligible men of a certain age on Malaspina.

But it was home, and it was a living.

Then the hot-shot executive from the timber company that owned Nathan’s Forest turned up. Adam Fraser’s presence had the whole island talking – and watching his every move. Because there was only one reason for him to be on their island: his company planned to cut down their forest. Adam was the Enemy, sent to make nice with the natives.

Talk about the last thing Stacie needed. The Enemy was under her roof, and with his big-city vibes he was a fish out of water in tiny Windon Harbor. Then, wouldn’t you know? He had to go and kiss her right there in the guest lounge. Definitely the last thing she needed. Because whatever she thought about that kiss – and she thought plenty – a battle was looming, and they were on opposite sides.

The lines were drawn. But for Adam, it all came down to a brown-eyed bed-and-breakfast owner and an old house on a hill. Because once Malaspina Island wove its spell, all bets were off.

Author Bio

I write in Victoria, British Columbia, a smallish city that's large enough to have all modern conveniences, but not so large as to have hours-long traffic jams or heavy duty pollution. I can follow a trail to my local supermarket, or be downtown by bus in twenty minutes.

I write contemporary romance fiction. My novels are more “heartwarming” than “erotic”. I’d rather convey (and read!) a love scene through a raised eyebrow (remember Lauren Bacall looking at Humphrey Bogart?), visceral response, and emotion.

Besides writing, I enjoy a variety of crafts, these days including beading (yes, with those teeny beads you need a magnifying glass to see) and collage. I like weight training and yoga, although my knees are acting up these days. I walk with my husband a lot.

My personal motto: in all things, beauty. Whether it’s in writing, craft, relationships, or simply appreciating all we’re given, I try to see the world through this lens.


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