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Book Review of Service Before Self

Book Review of Service Before Self
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Publisher: Tirgearr Publishing (February 24, 2015)
Category: Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
Tour Date: May/June, 2015
Available in: ebook, 154 Pages
Tegon Maus
 A recent transplant to Southern California, Toby Grant has landed his dream job. He’s a service tech for Handy Dandy Services—the premier handyman service in the southland. Things don’t go well for Toby on the first day when he is teamed up with Ryan Burnell, a twenty year veteran of Handy Dandy. Toby quickly learns the hardships of being Ryan’s partner, and finds himself in one uncomfortable situation after another. In an effort to understand his new partner, Toby accidentally uncovers Ryan’s unsavory past involvement with drugs, burglary and other things he shouldn’t know about. He also learns that Ryan’s last partner of five years—Delsin Honaw— had been murdered…stabbed twenty-seven times. Haunted by one misunderstanding after another, Toby learns the true meaning of the company’s motto—“Service before Self.”

Praise for 'Service Before Self' by Tegon Maus:

"From eccentric waste billionaires and very flirtatious women, to unbelievable roach problems and ghosts in the attic, Toby’s numerous adventures in this book will make you laugh repeatedly, however, be aware some will also make your skin crawl. And, all the while poor Toby has to follow the deadpan instructions both gestures and verbal of the reluctant Ryan and do his bidding at a flick of a coin. This story is not only a very funny, if cringe worthy insight into the working day of company representatives, and what sometimes they see when entering other people’s homes; but also an extremely gripping thriller in parts as Ryan is pulled back, yet again, into the world of drugs he left behind five years previously. I thoroughly enjoyed reading every page of this story and would happily recommend it as a brilliantly entertaining book."-Susan Keefe, Book Reviews by Susan Keefe

Praise for Tegon Maus's 'Bob':

Whether or not you believe the outcome, there is no denying that you will have great fun reading this very enjoyable science fiction story. It has all the essential components, good characters, a great plot and plenty of twists and turns to keep you guessing, right up until the end."- Susan Keefe, Book Reviews by Susan Keefe "I love Bob! And I love Bob. Both the character and the book left me wishing for more. Bob, the character is great. His character had me cracking up for most of the book. Not that Bob is trying to be funny. It's just that he is. And Bob the book is better because of Bob the character. Whenever a problem arises, Bob tells Pete not to worry....he's "got cousin." This book is great. You will be both laughing during and enthralled by the story. The characters are perfectly written and the dialog is wonderful. The way the story flows keeps you reading quickly and you'll find yourself at the end of Bob way too soon. The story is a must read for any sci-fi lovers, but even if you aren't a sci-fi person, you'll enjoy the story....mostly because of Bob."- Christy M., Christy's Cozy Corners "Bob is science fiction but it is also suspenseful and funny. The characters are delightful. Bob, the man helping Peter (for a cost), is one of a kind. He’s not only funny and overbearing but he always comes through. He always has a “cousin” who can help them out. Emma is also unique as well as mysterious and Peter and Bob feel they need to help her. I was actually surprised at the end which is always good. I definitely recommend Bob. It has a little bit of everything: science fiction, humor, adventure, and suspense."- Dawn, Bound For Escape "There’s lots of action in Bob and the story will hold your interest from beginning to end. It’s an easy book to sit down with and read late into the night with. I thoroughly enjoyed Bob’s cousins, from the black-skinned cousin to the Italian cousin that spoke only Italian yet seemed to answer Peter in English every question. I thought that the plot was plausible and the characters were realistic."-Kathryn Svendsen, Shelf Full of Books

About Tegon Maus:

Tegon MausTegon Maus was raised pretty much the same as everyone else... devoted mother, strict father and all the imaginary friends he could conjure. Not that he wasn't friendly, he just wasn't "people orientated". Maybe he lived in his head way more than he should have, maybe not. He liked machines more than people, at least he did until I met his wife. The first thing he can remember writing was for her. For the life of him he can't remember what it was about... something about dust bunnies under the bed and monsters in my closet. It must have been pretty good because she married him shortly after that. He spent a good number of years chasing other dreams before he got back to writing. It wasn't a deliberate conscious thought, it was more of a stepping stone. His wife and himself had joined a dream interpret group and we were encouraged to write down our dreams as they occurred. "Be as detailed as you can," we were told. He was thrilled. If there is one thing he enjoys it's making people believe him and he likes to exaggerate. Not a big exaggeration or an outright lie mind you, just a little step out of sync, just enough so you couldn't be sure if it were true or not. When he writes, he always write with the effort of "it could happen" very much in mind and nothing, he guarantees you, nothing, makes him happier. He has consistently placed in the top 3 in 189 writing contest in a variety of genres and has been featured in magazines a couple of times to raise money for Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.
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  Service Before Self

Excerpt #2 – Service before Self

"Is that the best you can do old man," Ryan shouted, leaning on the tail end of the truck with disinterest.                              
"Am saying for last time, is mine.  All you see, mine.  Now go," the man shouted from behind the door.
"Can't go Auggie, your sister called and sent us here.  You got a problem I don't know about?" Ryan asked.
"Jessica?  Is bitch, wants all things mine.  Can't keep her hands off it.  She not call me."
"You have a phone out here, now, Auggie?  Cause I would have called you myself if you did," Ryan asked standing up right.
"Auggie have no phone, have number."
"Yes, I know.  Your number is three," Ryan said, coming around to my side of the truck.
"Ahh, why not say so... welcome friend," the voice called lightly and the front door swung open.
"Come on newbie," Ryan said opening the door on my side.
I shifted in the seat, pushing the door open all the way with my foot.
"Better bring the flash light, you'll need it."
"Ahh, is you.  Auggie hear the Vampires got you...  you dead now.  Not see almost in one life time."
"No Auggie, it wasn't me...  but it is good to see you again," Ryan said softly.
Uncertain about our safety, I wasn't sure who I thought more the lunatic, Ryan or the one who shot at us.  The man that had held us off at gun point, now stood on the porch, a shotgun slung through his right arm.
He stood a full four foot, seven inches and must have weighed all of 105 pounds.  His face, a bright red, held the unshaven stipple of a week or more as if his thin mustache were trying to branch out on its own.  His skin in general, appeared to be blotchy and painfully sunburnt.  His hair, what little he had, consisted of nothing more than a thin laurel reef that circled his head, flying wildly in every direction.   
His dark colored pants were filthy, covered in God only knew what, looking more like an abstract painting of odd colors and smears than clothing, held in place by an old faded pair of striped suspenders. 
His skinny arms, more bone than flesh stuck out of a wife-beater T shirt and held whatever the pants didn't, appearing to be stiff and crusty.  Having been white in its beginning, it held no glimmer of
     hope of ever returning to its origins.  
"Ahh, this replacement then?" the man with the shotgun asked.
     "Not mine Auggie... couldn't hold a candle," Ryan said turning to look at me, waving me closer.
I followed him, standing on the porch with the two men.
"Auggie... newbie," Ryan said lightly.
"Augustus Teslenko for your service.  You call me Auggie," the dirty little man said cheerfully, grabbing my hand, pumping it like a well.
"Nice to meet you sir," I replied, eager to get my hand back.  Once released, my first instinct was to wipe it off on my pants as quickly as possible.
As if having read my mind, Ryan slowly shook his head no, giving me a stern look.
I was waiting for just the right moment,  ­hoping they would turn their back to me for just an instant.  My hand trembled as my imagination began to run away with me.  It felt as though there were world destroying diseases firmly entrenched in my palm and were now marching up my arm to overtake me. 
"Ahhh, sir.  What kind of man call Auggie sir?  Just Auggie, yeah?" the little man said, grabbing my hand once more.        
"Alright, that's enough.  Show me what you've got old man," Ryan said, slipping an arm around the man's shoulder, following him inside.
I almost rubbed a hole in my pants the instant they turned for the door.  I sniffed tentatively at my hand and rubbed it again for good measure.
As we passed into the building I realized my hand was the least of my problems.
With the windows covered with foil, the house was dark and cool.  It took a moment for my eyes to adjust and less time than that for the appalling odor of the house to pour over me.  A dull, thick, smell.. a combination like very old socks, an unflushed toilet, rotting food and an over used cat box filled the air.  It felt as if the stench were soaking into my very skin, not to mention, my clothes. 
The main room, if I could call it that, was full from top to bottom.  Stacks of books, newspapers, magazines, paper in all manner and form, filled every corner of the room, stretching up to press against the ceiling itself. 
We thread our way through the massive columns, following a narrow trail as it snaked around to the kitchen.
Once there, I was overwhelm by a new smell, or the intensity of a predominate one, to be more accurate.  The pungent smell of onions mixed with that of rotting food brought tears to my eyes.
Stacked shoulder high, covering almost every available inch, the kitchen was populated by trash bags, hundreds of them.  Flies and gnats hung in the air like a dark cloud hovering over what I could only describe as the remains of a table.  
My stomach churned, growling loudly and I feared I would throw up, adding to the stench. 
"Ahh, hear that.  Your newbie is hungry," Auggie said turning to Ryan.


So I thought this was going to be a scary mystery or murder story and it ended up being hysterical.  There is the mandatory gang references, a very strange love triangle thing, and a newbie who gets a shocking intro to life in LA. 

Definitely a good and quick read.  I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

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