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Book Review of Once Upon a Twisted Time

Book Review of Once Upon a Twisted Time
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Once Upon A Twisted Time
An Anthology of Dark Adult Fairytales
By: Tara Stogner Wood, Trish Marie Dawson, Lindsay Avalon, and Miranda Stork

Genre: Fairytales/Paranormal

Publisher: Moon Rose Publishing
Date of Publication: 31st October 2012

Number of pages: 250
Word Count: 76,000

Cover Artist: Miranda Stork

Blurb : 

Think you know your fairytales? Think again. These aren’t your normal happily-ever-after. Within these pages, a murderous Little Mermaid gets her revenge, the Cinderella doesn’t really want to wear the slipper, Snow White is up to her eyes in industrial experiments, and the Beauty is in fact the Beast.

This collection of four novellas will surprise you, make you gasp in horror, sigh with relief, and sit on the edge of your seat. And most of all…they will make you rethink everything you think you know about dark fairytales…

Song of the Abyss-Lindsay Avalon

Princess Nerissa had envisioned a perfect wedding to a handsome prince. Instead, she fell into a nightmare. When her new husband tries to murder her just hours after pledging his life to her, she must flee towards the sea. Caught in transition from woman to selkie, she is trapped by the dark waters she hoped would be her salvation. Now her destiny becomes that of luring young men to their death…until one comes along that reignites the spark of love inside her. However to ensure her future, she must first face her past. Revenge must be taken…for both her life, and the life of the young man she now loves.

Miss Cavendish and the Spark of Salvation-Tara Stogner Wood
In a city toiling under the iron fist of the Spiegel Syndicate and its monopoly on coal, Miss Georgina "George" Cavendish is on the brink of a breakthrough that could change the world forever. There's just one thing standing in her way, her aunt - Xenobia Cavendish. Threatened by her efforts, the Syndicate procures the services of a notorious assassin with a past tied to her own, known as The Huntsman, to dispatch the brilliant scientist. But once he gets a glimpse of the headstrong beauty, will he be able to do the job, or will Georgina sway him to The Cause? And will George find the breakthrough she needs in time, or is New London Town doomed to forever lie under the dark shadow of her aunt's factories?

Hawke and the Beast-Trish Marie Dawson

Some curses last forever, and some can be broken with the whisper of three little words. Isabella Rose Woodward fell in love with a witch's son over a century ago. Her punishment for breaking the young man's heart was a beastly one. Every month she turns into a different creature, aging on the full moon when her curse allows for a brief return to her human form. Her only salvation is to find a man that will love her as she is…be it adorned in feathers, fur or scales. Has she found this love with the handsome Jasper Hawke? Or will a mysteriously determined Hunter find her first, and snuff out the life she so desperately seeks? A life of normalcy, where she loves and is loved in return… just as she is.

Reborn City-Miranda Stork

Nyx has one mission in life; bring down the brainwashing of New Omsk’s citizens, and release them from their mundane lives of toil. The year is 2355, and the world is a new place. A Governor is in charge of every city in the world, and humanity is attempting to rebuild itself after recovering from a war that nearly killed it. But this Governor has set his eyes on the intrepid little hacker, Nyx, and he will stop at nothing to get her. But perhaps he needs her more than he ever dreamed he would…as do his citizens.

About the Author:


Tara Stogner Wood-

Tara Wood divides her time between creating domestic bliss and creating hot paranormal romance with the occasional side of kink. When not playing June Cleaver for her hubby and daughter, she can be found at the local Starbucks slamming back Frappuccinos and plotting out her next idea. Or she’s watching the BBC. Tara resides with her wonderful and tolerant family in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. She is currently at work on several projects, one of them being the next book in her In Blood series.

Trish Marie Dawson-

I was born and mostly raised in San Diego, California where I live now with my family and pets. I’ve been writing short stories and poetry since high school after an obsession with Stephen King’s ‘The Stand’. After over fifteen years of crazy dreams and an overactive imagination, I began my first book ‘I Hope You Find Me’ in December of 2011. When I’m not writing, I am homeschooling my amazing daughter and mildly autistic son, reading whatever I can get my hands on, or enjoying the Southern California sun. As a strict Vegetarian, I hold a special place in my heart for animal rights and dash into the backyard weekly to rescue lizards and mice from our mini-lab/aussie shepherd/cocker spaniel mixed dog, Zoey…who is always getting into some sort of trouble.

Miranda Stork-

I was born in Guisborough, North Yorkshire in 1987 and have lived in various places around Britain, including Newcastle and Glasgow.

My writing is inspired by various writers, including the vivid characters of Charles Dickens, the imagination of Stephen King, and the gothic imagery of Anne Rice.

My love of horror began at an early age, when I was only three or four. I could read proficiently at the age of three, and devoured fairy-stories, but I always had a bent towards the darker stories, such as the Brother's Grimm's tales...Red Riding Hood was always a firm favorite, although I always felt sorry for the wolf, despite him having tried to eat everyone!

Lindsay Avalon-

I am a wife, a mother to an adorable mini schnauzer, a programmer, and now an author. I love reading romance because no matter what may be happening in my life, I can always count on my books to end happily ever after. My sister drilled into me an appreciation for fantasy and mythology, something I try to bring to my books. After hearing me complain a few too many times that I had “nothing” to read despite the hundreds of paperbacks scattered around the house, my husband began suggesting I write my own stories. When I finally took his advice I discovered that although I enjoy my day job as a software engineer, my true calling is to be an author.



I apologize for being so late.  I have slept most of the past week due to severe bronchitis bordering on pneumonia.  Love the stories!

Book Review:

I think I would totally be friends with all these authors.  They have the same warped sense of humor and appreciation for the “charm” ;) of the other sex.  I love these stories.  I could totally read more of the same.  In fact I encourage it of them.  Definitely want to see more from Moon Rose Publishing.  My favorite line in the forward, “You can be swept up with magic and wonder, knowing that at the end, they will live happily ever after, the prince gets his princess, and the evil Queen is banished to the bottom of a public toilet. Or something like that.”  I mean you know you’re going to love the stories when the foreword has that in it.

            I strongly recommend this book.  The stories are too much (and I mean that in the best possible way).  I give this anthology 5 out of 5 clouds.

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Giveaway and Book Review of Desert Rice

 Third time is the charm, I hope.  I'm re-posting  again in the hope that this time it takes.

Giveaway and Book Review of Desert Rice
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Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share my review of this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.

Blurb : 

Samantha Jean Haggert is a beautiful twelve-year-old girl—but no one knows it. All they see is an awkward boy in a baseball cap and baggy pants. Sam’s not thrilled with the idea of hiding her identity, but it’s all part of her older brother’s plan to keep Sam safe from male attention and hidden from the law. Fifteen-year-old Jacob will stop at nothing to protect his sister, including concealing the death of the one person who should have protected them in the first place—their mother.

Sam and Jacob try to outrun their past by stealing the family car and traveling from West Virginia to Arizona, but the adult world proves mighty difficult to navigate, especially for two kids on their own. Trusting adults has never been an option; no adult has ever given them a good reason. But when Sam meets “Jesus”—who smells an awful lot like a horse—in the park, life takes a different turn. He saved her once, and may be willing to save Sam and her brother again, if only they admit what took place that fateful day in West Virginia. The problem? Sam doesn’t remember, and Jacob isn’t talking.
Desert Rice

About the Author:

Angela Scott hears voices. Tiny fictional people sit on her shoulders and whisper their stories in her ear. Instead of medicating herself, she decided to pick up a pen, write down everything those voices tell me, and turn it into a book. She's not crazy. She's an author. For the most part, she writes contemporary Young Adult novels. However, through a writing exercise that spiraled out of control, she found herself writing about zombies terrorizing the Wild Wild West--and loving it. Her zombies don't sparkle, and they definitely don't cuddle. At least, she wouldn't suggest it. She lives on the benches of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains with two lovely children, one teenager, and a very patient husband. She graduated from Utah State University with a B.A. degree in English, not because of her love for the written word, but because it was the only major that didn't require math. She can't spell, and grammar is her arch nemesis. But they gave her the degree, and there are no take backs. 


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“Grab ‘er feet!”
Grabbing her feet meant I had to touch her, and that was the last thing I wanted to do.
“Don’t just stand there.” Jacob bent over and took hold of her by the shoulders. “I can’t do this on my own.”
I shook my head. “I can’t.” The stench was awful and it made me gag. Using the collar of my shirt, I pulled it up over my nose to help diffuse the smell.
Jacob stood and starred me down. “Sam, there’s no other way. You have to help me. Just grab ‘er feet so we can get this over with.”
The idea of touching a dead body scared me and I shook my head once more.
 “So you want to leave her here?” He swung his arm wide. I flinched, but my brother wasn’t trying to hit me, only emphasize his point. He needed help, and there was no one else to give it to him but me. “Out here, where people can see her and the wild dogs might get at her? Is that what you want?”
No, I didn’t want that. Of course, I didn’t want that. I’m not that cruel, but I still didn’t want to touch her. I didn’t care that she was my momma. I was frightened. I’d never been this close to death before.  What would it feel like to touch a dead person? Would she be as stiff as a
board? What if the sheet fell off her face and I saw her staring right at me? I’d have nightmares forever. I just didn’t want to do it.
“We have to get her inside,” Jacob said. “It’s the right thing to do. It won’t be that bad, I swear. We’ll be quick. I need your help, Sam. You have to help me.”
Jacob had already wrapped her in a bed sheet. He rolled her up tight like you see in the movies where they roll a dead body up in a rug. He told me to wait inside while he did it. I was grateful she was covered up, because Jacob said that death makes a person look frightful, especially if they died rather violently, and that I shouldn’t even attempt to look. I had no intentions of looking—none whatsoever. She was already beginning to smell. The smell of death assaulted my senses and it took everything I had not to pinch my nose. I wanted to, but I didn’t. I figured that would be rude.
 Jacob found her outside the trailer, stone cold on the dirt packed ground. He said he could smell the alcohol on her. I didn’t know what it would be like to have a mother who didn’t smell of beer, cigarettes, and cheap perfume. I figured all mommas smelled that way; around these parts, most of them did. 
Book Review:

            I have to admit that what first drew me to this author was her biography.  I love that she says she has two lovely children and one teenager.  I told my husband that if I wrote I would say that I had two teenagers:  one angel and one demon.. and that which was which changed moment to moment J so I totally understand where she is coming from.

            The book was sad, funny, angst provoking, and amazing.  I definitely recommend reading it.  This is an author that I am going to have to start following because her quirky writing is right up my alley.

            I give this book 4 out of 5 clouds.

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Book Review of Once Upon A Fairytale Princess

Sorry this post is late.  I have bronchitis bordering on on pneumonia. 

Book Review of Once Upon A Fairytale Princess
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Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share my review of this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.

Genre - Fantasy/ Historical Romance
Release Date - August 28, 2012
Publisher – Self Published
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Blurb : 

In a matter of moments, Ella Fitzpatrick’s life went from bad to worse. Her father’s boast pits her against every seamstress in the village all vying for the ultimate prize—guest of honor at the Prince’s ball. Once there, Ella catches the eye of the charming prince and manages to make a powerful enemy; one who is not above using magic to aid her quest. Now Ella is on the run, chasing the very villain who killed her mother ten years ago and who may be trying to kill her now. The only thing stopping Ella is her lack of knowledge about her own magical background—and Hunter, the Prince’s brooding bodyguard. Hunter Kirk has been in love with Ella since she promised to marry him when they were children. Now she is pledged to his Prince and someone might be trying to kill her. He has to get to her before the last Fitzpatrick sorceress is killed—and he loses his chance to tell her how much he loves her.

About the Author:

Adrianna Morgan was born in the Bahamas. Of both West Indian and African ancestry, she was exposed to the shadowy world of the supernatural at a young age. She was blessed with a mother that knew the importance of a good ghost story making her fascinated by anything that goes bump in the night. Adrianna is obsessed with werewolves, vampires and demons, oh my! A Marine Biology teacher by day, she is still intrigued by the weird and the unusual. Currently, she has 10 books on Amazon and has challenged herself to write one full novel per month this year, although she admits she is ready to throw in the towel. Almost.  Adrianna writes Urban Fantasy, Erotica and Romance.


Visit her at  for more of her books.
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Suddenly, her father broke out of his almost trance and ran back into the tavern and Ella groaned as she threw up her hands and raced after him.

“Back so soon?”

The man’s gravelly voice stopped her a few feet from where her father stood arguing with the tavern-keep who gave her an evil eye.

She turned to face the green-eyed devil who had deemed to peruse her and her hackles rose again. Why was he getting under her skin this way? Sure he was attractive, but so were half the men in the village and she didn’t have heart palpitations when she saw them. She cast him a withering glance before she brushed by him on her way to her father.

“I tell you she is the best there is!”  Ella cringed at her father’s raised voice. Oh no. She had a feeling he was about to do something she would regret. Before she could voice her concerns, he continued in a loud voice. “I dare any man in here to say that he knows someone more talented than my girl!”

There was a chorus of laughter in the crowded inn.

“And what would you bet old man?” The tavern keep’s voice was loud. “Everyone knows the town drunk doesn’t have anything of value.” There was more laughter and Ella desperately tried to get to her father. This time, he danced away from her seeking hands.

“I do have one thing of value.” Oh no. No, no, no. Ella chanted in her head. Don’t say it, don’t say it.

“What do you have worthy of this boast?” The green-eyed man asked; his voice dangerously soft as he stared at Ella.

Her father laughed, “I will bet my property that Ella can sew better than anyone else in the kingdom!”

Book Review:

            So I read this line “I will bet my property that Ella can sew better than anyone else in the kingdom!” and thought the miller’s daughter with Rumpelstiltskin.  Then she calls the loom or something Rumples and I was OMG I’m right, but I wasn’t.  Actually there were so many parts of fairy tales in here it would be impossible to categorize this story into one.  It covers Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and a few others.  Yet it was a totally new story with only touches of the other stories being mentioned in passing.  I loved this story.  It was amazing and I totally recommend you read it… just remember to keep reading when it seems like all hope is lost.  I almost gave up but I’m glad I finished the last chapter.  Then I totally didn’t want it to end.  Can’t wait to read more by this author.

            I give this story 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

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Giveaway and Book Review of Dead Hot

Giveaway and Book Review of Dead Hot
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Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share my review of this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.

Blurb : 
Sharla Gomez’s dream encounter with the man she’s lusted over for months turned into rain-soaked nightmare. Her hopes of love and passion have gone to the dogs. Being a shifter is hell, especially when you’re a Pug/Chihuahua mix, or as some call the breed, a Chug. Even dogs don’t want to be told they’re so ugly they’re cute?

Dorsey Smith wants to get to know the exotic number-cruncher in charge of the strip club’s books. Just his luck she disappeared before he could ask her out for coffee. Instead of taking home the woman he lusts for, he takes home the small, drenched dog shivering in the rain. When he discovers the animal missing the next morning and he senses magic in the air. Has his safe haven been discovered and will his secrets be revealed?

Can two people with deep secrets discover the truth about each other and still find love. Or will the secrets and the evil lurking drive them apart?

About the Author:

Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf started life in Kansas, continued her growing in North Carolina, and currently shivers through the winters in Colorado.  She has numerous e-books in varying lengths and her first print book, Struck by Lightning, won dual 2007 Beacon awards, in addition to being a finalist in two other contests.
In addition, Making Christmas, a Christmas Historical novella set during the Civil War won Love Romances Café Best Historical for 2011 and is a finalist in the Aspen Gold for Best Novella.
Beyond Magic, the first book in the Magical Love series won the 2012 Award of Excellence Best Paranormal/Fantasy/Sy-Fi, and is a finalist for Best Paranormal in the Aspen Gold.  Winners are announced in mid to late October.
 Since discovering the fun of writing paranormal, she plays with creating vampires, faeries and other immortals. Her current focus is the DEAD series.  Musa Publishing has re-released the first four novellas in the series and DEAD Hot, a new novella, is scheduled to release in October.  Emerging Magic, the second novel in the Magical Love series will also release in late October or early November with Passion in Print Press.
When not creating mischief for paranormal beings, she can be found exploring the other genres she wants to write.  She also serves as the 2012 President for the Heart of Denver Romance Writers.
Lizzie loves to read, spend time with her family and travel with her best friend husband during her free time, on which most of friends ask…“what free time?”


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Book Review:

            I love unusual shifter combinations (I once read a book about a bunny shifter who had a prehistoric gene and her bunny was bigger than her grizzly husband with 2 foot long teeth).  In this book the shifter is a Chug (Chihuahua and Pug mix).  Talk about a funny looking dog… have you ever seen a chug, they are so ugly they are cute.  Anyway this Chug shifter has an unusual ethnic heritage as a human also.  And her life love is a Panther shifter/vampire mix.  Oh my.  That pretty much covers most of the genre of supernaturals in one couple.

            The story is a love story with a side mystery/suspense thrown in for fun.  The story is charming, amusing, and part of a great series yet can be read as a standalone.  However it is much more fun to read all the books and know things like BJ, vampire queen, used to faint at the sight of blood which made eating as a vampire difficult.  Or that Lovey is the first vampire to have children (yes actual children) and they are super gifted. 

            This book and series is a must read.  I give this book a 4 out of 5 clouds.

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