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Book Review of Home Sweet Homework

Book Review of Home Sweet Homework:
              A Parent's Guide to Stress-Free Homework and Studying Strategies that Work

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A Parent’s Guide to Stress-Free Homework 
and Studying Strategies That Work 

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By Sharon Marshall Lockett 

What’s The Story? 

“I don’t have any ho
mework.” “I swear I studied, but I still failed the test.” “I can never learn it—never!” Students today have twice as much homework as you did. That's twice as much reading. Twice as many definitions. Twice the amount of math problems. It doubles the workload for your kids--and the headaches for you. Fortunately, there's Home Sweet Homework. 

Getting involved with your student's homework will help them receive better grades, have a better attitude, and get accepted to better colleges. And Sharon Lockett, founder of Lockett Learning Systems, shows you how! She provides the tools and strategies you will need to conquer your child's bulging backpack. 

Help your children do their homework--and do it right! With back-to-school time fast approaching, millions of parents are desperate for help when it comes to getting their children’s homework done correctly and painlessly. 

Without an educator’s background, and with the amount of homework up 51% in the last ten years (according to a 2004 University of Michigan study), parents are understandably dumbfounded when it comes to engaging their child in effective study strategies. In easy to understand parenting terms, education veteran and author Sharon Marshall Lockett’s new book Home Sweet Homework: A Parent’s Guide to Stress-Free Homework and Studying Strategies That Work gives struggling parents practical tools that will produce stand-out grades. 

What does it mean for your audience? 

Written specifically for parents of children in grades K-12 this book tackles all the typical homework dilemmas, including: whether or not a child should be allowed to study with friends; what to do when a child says they have no homework; and how to deal with too much homework and too little time. Also, Lockett offers specific learning strategies that will help children in overall performance and test taking, along with tools for dealing with failure and learning frustrations. Parents even learn what to do when they don’t understand the material themselves.
Author Information: 

Who is the author? 

The founder and director of SCORE, a program validated by the United States Department of Education for effectiveness in improving the performance of high-risk youth, Sharon Marshall Lockett has over thirty years’ experience in public education. She received her Master of Science in Educational Administration at California State University, Fullerton.

Sharon Marshall Lockett, educator, author, and speaker, leads and writes with expertise, excellence, and passion. She is founder and director of Lockett Learning Systems/SCORE, validated by the United States Department of Education for effectiveness in improving academic achievement, high school graduation, and college-going rates of high-risk students ( She has trained thousands of educators and students to implement educational reform.
Hear about her beginnings from her:
I always earned A's on my essays, often written in one frantic setting the night before they were due. I didn't know I was a writer, though, until I attended my first Writer's Conference seeking a publisher for my first book, Justin, Heaven's Baby. It began as my "grief work" after losing my second child but quickly became a message I needed to share with others who were trying to survive their own life circumstances.
At the time, I was piecing my life back together after multiple losses. I was hired to design the Early Outreach Partnership Program at the University of California, Irvine. I returned from the weekend retreat to tell my boss I just realized I was a writer. She laughed and said, "Well, I've known that for a long time! Why didn't you ask me!" I had already written and funded two major grants to develop the outreach program. Years later, that program was named a model program and validated by the United States Department of Education.


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This is one of the best books I have ever read for parents and students to help with the homework issue.  As the parent of a student on the spectrum, I have tried everything when it comes to keeping track of homework, getting homework done, and having success with homework.  I never thought I would need help with my “normal” child.  Surprisingly we did.  This book helped all of us.

My children learned from it.  I learned from it.  My successful new college student and my successful high school student are proof of how helpful this book can be for all students.

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars and can only wish it had been available to help when I was in school.

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