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Book Promo for Even Hippies Get the Blues

Book Promo for Even Hippies Get the Blues

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Even Hippies Get The Blues
Author: Michel Lee King
Official Release Date: February 21, 2014
202 Pages
Humorous Romance/Literary Humor
Target Audience: Adult Women, New Adult

Blurb : 

“Sometimes peace can only come through chaos.”
Amy thought she had it all together. Her goals were set and she was working toward them seamlessly while practicing her peace-loving philosophy.
Her world of blissful ignorance crumbles when Travis, a blond paramedic with a body that can stop a truck, waltzes in to open her eyes... Just after Murphy, and his pesky law, paint a target on her back.
How many times can a waitress be interrogated in one day? Just how much orange acrylic paint can get caught in dreads before an interview? How does one retain their composure while dripping paint nude in their living room and staring down a trespassing police officer?

About the Author:

Michel Lee King writes fiction that has a tendency to mix the light and dark elements of life and focusses primarily on the Literary Fiction and Fantasy genres.
Michel is a peace-, and fun-, loving person living in the shadow of Mount Rainier in Washington state. She is happily married, has one son, two dogs, and a cat. When not consuming copious amounts of coffee, she is writing, editing, or enjoying the outdoors with her family.
She can be found online through her website:, Twitter: @Michel_Lee_King, or on Facebook: King.Michel.Lee


Excerpt (contains one curse word): Amy at the restaurant she works in the morning after a customer chokes and needs to be rescued by the paramedics:

“The police will be here in half an hour and I want all of you on your best behavior. Adam,” Owen paused to point a threatening finger toward his face, “pretend you know what you are doing back here.”
“With all due respect, sir,” he drawled picking unidentifiable dirt from under his fingernails, “I could do much better if you spoiled everyone by buying decent ingredients. I wouldn’t even feed my dog the shit you have me mixing.”
“Shut up and do your job.” He turned his reddening face toward his booty call. “Jane dear, be as charming as ever.” He wagged a teasing finger in the air. “But remember that these are pigs and they won’t appreciate your assets as much as true men do.”
The display nearly made me gag. She must have been overly enthusiastic after the paramedic snubbed her. Gross.
That is when he turned on me. Eyes flashing, and face instantly purpling, he billowed up for a great lecture.
“Hey Amy, any bets as to which part of your anatomy he’ll slice and dice? Heads or tails?”

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Book Review of Firebolt

Book Review of Firebolt
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Title: Firebolt
Author: Adrienne Woods
Genre: YA Fantasy

For the love of blueberries, Elena Watkins was destined for greatness, even though she didn’t know it. Before entering Paegeia Elena was not special, she wasn’t even average until the night her father was killed by a creature she thought only existed in fairy tales – a dragon. With her father’s death leaving her orphaned, Elena is whisked away to her true birthplace, Paegeia. Arriving at Dragonia Academy, the premier school for young Dragonians; a school she was never meant to attend because her father was a dragon. Unbeknownst to Elena danger is lurking behind the enchanted vines concealing the once thriving capital of Paegeia – Etan.
Goran, the darkest sorcerer in the realm, has lain dormant for over a century behind the crumbling city. There, in the shadowy ruins he plots his revenge to destroy the only weapon that can kill him – the King of Lion Sword. When the sword is stolen without a trace Elena doesn’t think twice about seeking it; knowing deep down that it is her destiny to save her new home.

Author Bio

Adrienne Woods lives in South Africa with her husband and two little girls. She writes full time and also in different genre's. She has different pen names, one for every genre.

Melony/Kristen Ping For NA, sub genres could be anything. From paranormal to Mythology.

Isabella White for Woman's fiction/Erotica

Adrienne Woods for YA. When she's not writing, she's reading books or help other authors to get their work notice through her blog ADRIENNE WOODS BOOKS AND REVIEWS.


You can reach Adrienne Woods at the following links
Twitter: erichb3


The belly of a huge blue beast on four legs the size of tree stumps stood in front of the pickup. The sight left me breathless and my entire body froze. Dragons don’t exist.

A part of his head popped in front of me. Huge horns on the top of his nose lingered inches from the windshield, leaving a foggy condensation on the glass as he breathed. One of his frilly ears lay flat against his head, like a cat’s when sensing danger.

He climbed on top of the hood with one of his front legs, and my body trembled as the truck started to crumble. A part of his wing came into sight. It appeared to be shredded, with a sharp talon located at the end. Oval-shaped blue scales fanned over its entire body glistened in the flames on the side of the road. Maybe it only looked that way through the tears blinding my sight. Beady eyes, sunken deeply into its skull locked with mine. The picture in front of me just became my number-one worst nightmare. I shrieked as the dragon’s weight shifted, forcing the pickup to crumble even more.

    Another dragon sank his jaws into the one in front of me. Two huge copper horns laid flat on top of its copper head. The blue dragon growled, and snapped with gaping jaws at the copper one attacking him. With powerful force the dragon was dragged off the pickup’s hood and thankfully away from me. The truck shook slightly and groaned as if a huge weight had been dispelled; my heart pounded as if I'd just run a hundred meters.

A bolt of fire came from the sky and lit up the entire scene in front of me.

More dragons landed with a thud in the middle of the road. One seemed to be green with a long neck and a fin-like mane running from the top of its head to its tail. A cloud of dark fog emerged slightly from its nostrils. The other dragon was red and oddly beautiful, but something evil derived from its aura. They attacked the copper dragon with startling savagery.

Get the hell away from here, my voice shrilled in my head. Quickly, I tried to unbuckle my seatbelt, but the clip wouldn't release. For the next couple of minutes the earth shook with bolts of fire, and lightning flew through the air, while I tried to free myself.

My father wouldn’t just leave me here! As each second ticked off my watch, I became more worried about Dad.

The dragons came close to the truck a couple of times, but the copper dragon kept driving them back, as if he was trying to protect me. I shook my head, trying to expel that thought. Dragons don't exist. Wake up. The tips of my fingers felt raw as I hammered endlessly on the buckle of the safety belt. My face was soaked with tears and blood, but I knew that I had to get out of the truck, and quickly too. With trembling hands, I pounded on the buckle with my fist until it unlocked. Throwing the vicious restraint from around me, I saw the copper dragon bite fiercely into the blue dragon’s neck. I watched as blood squirted everywhere and pooled in thick puddles on the road. It staggered and dropped down to the ground. Electricity still sparked off its body, but it soon died away. The green and red dragons jumped on top of the copper dragon. It knocked the red dragon hard onto the ground and crushed the green dragon with its huge front legs. The sound of flesh ripping made me feel sick, and I had to lean over as tremors wracked my stomach. The picture of the copper dragon shredding off the green dragon’s left wing sent a stab of new fear deep into my core.

Dad, where the hell are you? I pleaded into the darkness.

The red dragon got back up and flew away just as the copper dragon ripped the green dragon's neck apart. Then the copper dragon turned its gaze to me. For the love of blueberries! I forced myself to look away from the humungous beast, and I started to kick at the windshield with my newly freed legs. A new sense of urgency punctuated every kick.

C'mon! I kicked three, four times, but it only left long cracks in the glass. Watching the copper dragon trudge toward the pickup through the jagged cracks made the scene before me look even more terrifying. The copper dragon stopped right in front of the pickup. Our eyes locked, and I could see the vertical pupil inside a pair of dark, rich brown irises. My heart thumped wildly inside my chest as it hooked one of its talons gently into the shield and ripped it off.

It paused, stared at me for what seemed like an eternity, took a few steps back, and nodded in my direction.

 It wants me to get out? You’re imagining things, Elena. Dragon’s aren’t real.

I didn't act. I couldn’t. The dragon started to shrink. Its wings and legs dwindled into a smaller size until they disappeared. Its big head and horns shrunk into nothing. I watched as the dragon's huge figure melted away. The heap transform into the figure of a human crouching low to the ground. The figure lifted up its face, and huge cuts with blood seeping from them ran down his face. It felt as if somebody had squeezed all the air out of my lungs. I’d finally found my father─ without a shred of clothing.


Imagine a paranoid parent that moves you every three months so you never really get a chance to make friends or feel settled.  Then in the middle of yet another middle of the night mad dash move, you find out that dragons exist because one attacks your vehicle.  If that isn’t strange enough, your dad transforms from a dragon right in front of you also.  The next thing you know it’s a week later and you are waking up in a hospital in a totally different land and you are now totally alone because your dad died in that dragon battle.  That might be enough to mess with anyone’s head.  But then you find out that you are supposed to be a dragon’s rider and are in a school to be trained to be a warrior and ride a dragon.  Sure not a problem, just another day at the office.

This is the life that of Elena and she is struggling to adjust.  But some things are good.  She has friends for the first time in her life, a boyfriend, a stable home, but is it worth everything she has been through and does she really belong.

This well-written, page-turning story pulls the reader along the adventure Elena finds herself involved in.  The characters are wonderfully personable and typical of people you know in your everyday life, if somewhat better looking at times.  They squabble and worry and have normal problems along with their unique dragonish problems.  The world they inhabit bursts from the pages in Technicolor pictures.

I give this story 4.5 out of 5 clouds, and look forward to more by this author in the future.

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Book Review of Out of the Night

Book Review of Out of the Night
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Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.


Falcon Securities Agent Tony Archuletta has lost his memory and a CIA operative is being held captive by a lethal group of terrorists out to destroy America. For Tony to pull off a mission this delicate and complex, he must have his memory, as well as every weapon at his disposal.

Abby Williams is an investigative reporter sent on a dangerous assignment. One of Falcon’s agents is being held in the notorious Lubyanka Prison where experimental drugs were used to make him break under integration. The agent is a man Abby has a painful history with. A man can never forgive her betrayal.

Can Tony and Abby race against time to save the CIA operative? Will Tony regain his memory only to learn that she is the only woman he’d ever loved and the only person he ever feared? Does love win this battle? Or do these two souls who are meant to be together take the safe road and part with just a handful of memories?


 As long as she can remember, Geri Foster has been a lover of reading and the written words. In the seventh grade she wore out two library cards and had read every book in her age area of the library. After raising a family and saying good-bye to the corporate world, she tried her hand at writing.

Action, intrigue, danger and sultry romance drew her like a magnet. That’s why she has no choice but to write action-romance suspense. While she reads every genre under the sun, she’s always been drawn to guns, bombs and fighting men. Secrecy and suspense move her to write edgy stories about daring and honorable heroes who manage against all odds to end up with their one true love.


·        Website
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·        Goodreads


Giveaway:  Autographed books

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      She must’ve sensed his fear for she touched his arm. “It’s going to be okay. I personally owe you that much.”

     He reached over, hooked his hand around the back of her neck and pulled her mouth to his lips. He’d meant the light contact as a ploy to see if it rattled anything in his memory.

     He never intended for the kiss to turn passionate. He pressed against her body and she wrapped her arms around him as if he was a life raft and they were adrift on the open seas.

     Her warmth surrounded him and kicked up his heart rate. The intensity of the moment seared something deep inside him to the point of real fear. He had to pull back to the surface so he could gasp for air. For the first time in days something felt vaguely familiar. A dim light in his head turned on and he knew with a certainty that shook him to his toes that he’d kissed this woman before. 


       Sexy operative Tony is rescued by a woman he knows he love, but he doesn’t remember.  Not that that matters much, he doesn’t remember anything and he needs to fast.

This story is romantic, adventurous, fast paced, sexy, and will have you on the edge of your seat as Tony and Abby run from Russian, Muslims, and everyone else chasing them as they try to save the good guys and make it home in one piece.  All while Abby waits for Tony to get his memory back and remember why they aren’t together anymore…even if it breaks her heart all over again.

I give this story 4 out of 5 clouds.

This product or book may have been distributed for review; this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.

Book Review of Lord Regret’s Price 21 and over only

Book Review of Lord Regret’s Price
Lord Regret's Price (A Jane Austen Space Opera)

Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.


A devilish alliance, sparked by imperial blood…
A Jane Austen Space Opera, Book 3
After weeks of travel, Lord Sigmund Regret’s nerves are frayed. He’s gone too long without a mark, but that’s not the only thing making him edgy. Once the reality of his profession sinks in, he wonders how his Lady Charlotte Wyre will feel when he comes to her bed with fresh blood on his hands.
Of course, the other man in her life adds more stress to an already complicated relationship. Gilead Masters’s needs are so…normal…compared to Sig’s, which leaves Charlotte turning to him to explore her darkening fantasies. Bondage is one thing. But pain? That’s too close to his bloodline’s violent weakness for Sig’s comfort.
Charlotte can feel Sig pulling away, but there is no time to heal the rift before they land in Zijin, where she is immediately attacked. Britannia’s reach is long, and Queen Majel’s reach is even deeper—and more deadly. As Imperial politics come to a dangerous boil, Charlotte must risk everything to keep her beloved assassin alive, free, and at her side.
Even as he searches for his next mark.
Warning: Ladies in positions of power, a dragon alien, and a BDSM ménage à trois featuring a duchess on the run, a gentlemanly assassin, and a rough-and-tumble sheriff willing to gun down anyone who gets between him and his lady.


Okay, can I just say that Jane Austen would faint if she read anything this hot.  Not only is the action hot, as in dangerous and running for your life; but the men are hot and the action at home is even hotter.  This is not a book for the faint of heart or for reading when you don’t have your loved one or friendly toy handy.  The scenes are spicy to say the least.

            That would make the book worth reading, but the story is actually good.  I loved the twist where you find out the true identity of Lord Regret, such a great twist I never saw coming.  The psychological underpinnings of the BSDM were also very intriguing.  I enjoyed how trusting Charlotte was and understood her beliefs even while Sig struggled with his.

            I would definitely recommend this book.  I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 8 spicy hot peppers.

This product or book may have been distributed for review; this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.

Book Review of Atlas

Book Review of Atlas
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Welcome to Books, Books, and More Books.  I am pleased to share this book with you.  Thank you for visiting and please come again.

Kala Hicks never imagined she’d be fighting demons, angels and gods when she joined the Navy.  But when her elite covert military team is on a mission aboard Air Force One and Kala is forced to shoot the President her life changes forever.

The moment the President is killed the Titan god, Atlas, speaks to Kala, telling her that she has to do his job by committing one act of atrocity every four days… or the world will end. Kala faces off against creatures of legend; from demons determined to make her fail and plunge the Earth into chaos, to angels who don’t trust her to do the job and are willing to kill her to claim it for themselves.

Pitted against the forces of good and evil, Kala must choose whether to save the world by doing the unthinkable, or sit back and let it burn. 

Four days later, she’ll have to do it again.


Becca C. Smith received her Film degree from Full Sail University and has worked in the Film and Television industry for most of her adult life. In 2010 Becca published her first novel, Riser followed by the sequel, Reaper, in 2011, and the finale, Ripper in 2013. In 2012 Becca wrote the children’s novel Alexis Tappendorf and the Search for Beale’s Treasure. She is also the co-author of the teen graphic novel Ghost Whisperer: The Haunted. Becca currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, Stephan and their two cats Jack and Duke.



Excerpt End of Chapter 3:

Very carefully, Jack opened the door that led to the President’s office.

What awaited them was terrifying.

President Jareth Wilton stood behind his desk. He was wearing a vest that held five grey bars of C-4 wired into a bomb. Wilton was a tall man, well over six feet with stark black hair and a long face. He was a young President, only fifty years old, but he looked like he’d aged twenty years since the last time Kala had seen him at a press conference, with dark rings under his eyes and worry lines on his forehead.

But his smile was what made the scene surreal and horrific. His thin lips were grinning as if he’d just climbed Mt. Everest.
President Wilton stared directly at Jack as the door swung open the rest of the way. “I figured it out! I figured out how to break it! No one will ever have to do what I’ve had to do again! Do you realize what this means?”

Kala knew then and there that the man was cracked. Figured what out? Break what? He was rambling like a mad man.

But the more frightening moment came when Jack responded back to Wilton. “Killing yourself is impossible. People have tried that in the past.”

Not only was President Wilton talking crazy, but apparently Jack knew his language and was responding accordingly.

Kala noticed that Wilton’s eyes lit up when Jack spoke. “You’re the one they sent to replace me.”

Jack nodded.

What? Kala was seriously confused.        
Kala spoke up, “What’s going on Jack?”

Replace him for what?

Jack didn’t acknowledge Kala or the rest of the team, which was shifting uncomfortably behind him.

Wilton shook his head, serious. “You can’t do it. You have to let me detonate this bomb. We have to crash the plane! It’s the only way to stop it!”

“You can’t stop it!” Jack yelled back.

“I can and I will!” Wilton talked into an earpiece. “NOW!”

The plane nose-dived.

Everyone jolted forward and stumbled from the force of it.

Jack barked orders, “Lali get up to the Flight Deck and by any means necessary take over this plane!”

Lali paused for a second, she looked more confused than Kala felt, but after a moment to gain her bearings as the plane was falling fast, she managed to high-tail it out of the room and up to the Flight Deck.

Kala was sure they’d hit ground at any moment.

Jack aimed his gun at the President’s head.

Wilton was frantic. He ducked behind his large oak desk that was bolted to the ground.

“You can’t kill me! You’ll ruin everything!” Wilton yelled.

Jack turned to Kala and Derek. “No one shoots him but me!”

Kala kind of nodded, but she was in shock at the fact that they were about to flatten a part of the capital with Air Force One. She really didn’t care what Jack was saying. She couldn’t let President Wilton set off that bomb and kill thousands.
Jack shot at the desk, trying to hit the president, but he didn’t come close.

Only Kala could make a shot like that and not get them all killed from shooting a hole through the plane.

Kala and Derek made eye contact. Kala could tell Derek was thinking the same thing. He whispered so only Kala could hear, “Do it.”

Kala’s nod was barely perceptible.

Jack saw her and his eyes went wide. “Kala STOP!”

Kala shrugged. “I can’t let him do this, Jack. I’m sorry.”

Only the top of Wilton’s head was showing.

It was enough.

Kala took her shot.


Greek mythology, modern day elite warriors, angels, demons, and arch-angels combine to create a sweeping story that grips the reader and pulls them along with Kala through the gut twisting decision of the love of your life or the fate of the world.  That is not a choice I would ever want to have to make, but it is the one that faces Kala when she gets pulled into a horrible choice and has to make a decision that no-one ever wants to make.  From there on things just get weird.

Atlas is a great read.  I give it 5 out of 5 clouds.       

This product or book may have been distributed for review; this in no way affects my opinions or reviews.