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Book Review of Solstice High

Book Review of Solstice High 
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Publisher: Strategic Book Group  (October 22, 2012)
Category: Urban Fantasy/Sci Fi/Young Adult
Tour Date: July- Early August, 2013
Available in: eBook and Print,  360  Pages

Matt, Rochelle, Daphne and Jonas are four students starting their senior year of high school, but suffer a freak-accident the very first day and start to realize that they are developing superhuman abilities. They quickly realize that the school principal, Mr. Devlin, has in fact more than just education on his agenda, and is using the school for his own purposes.

Not only must the four friends try to figure out what Devlin's plans are, but when he will strike, and seeing as how they cannot turn to grown-ups for help without exposing themselves, must themselves grow-up in order to stop him. As well as learning to cope with these developing powers, the four teenagers must deal with the day-to-day muddles of being a teenager, such as volatile emotions, infatuations and family issues.

Praise for Solstice High:

"This novel is a mix of teenage drama and fantasy. I was surprised that Mr. Vartparonian combined them so seamlessly. Each chapter changes between the four main character's perspectives. It is fairly easy to tell who's eyes you are viewing the world of Solstice High through once you get to know the characters. I loved this aspect of Solstice High because I didn't have to ponder what each character was feeling. I was never bored because all four characters have such different and interesting personalities. The character development is fabulous! 

  The author really pulls the reader into Matt's mind. I traveled with Matt up and down his emotional rollercoaster. Out of all the characters, I sympathized the most with Matt because he has the most volatile power.  
  There is TONS of humour in this book along with the more serious feelings of depression, anger, vengeance, and grief.  Solstice High is an amazing novel where I groaned about homework (which I already do), battled evil principals, and squealed in delight about being a "superhero" with the characters. It's so easy to live through each character in this novel. 
  All together, Solstice High is a very good book. What made me love this book is the character development. Each character's personality is so unique and complex. As a teenager, I especially enjoyed it because I could relate to the trials and tribulations of being a high schooler. Even if you're not a teenager, I think that you will enjoy this novel because you will time travel back to when you were a teenager! And maybe you adults will sympathize with us teenagers more when we complain about our lives."Dani, A Walk On Words
"I suppose what I enjoyed most about this book was that it reminded me of what being in school was like. It's clearly tongue-in-cheek humour completely self-aware of its own narrative, but that just gives the novel a refreshing attitude since it doesn't take itself too seriously. I liked the fact that every chapter was narrated by one of the four main characters; it showed you how unreliable narrators can be, since mostly you have to judge them by what they do instead of what they say.  All in all I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a casual yet highly entertaining read."-Adrienne, Reviewer

"An imaginative and captivating first novel by talented young writer, Ardash Vartparonian. Very hard (if not impossible!) to put down and I look forward with great anticipation to reading his future works."H. Sarian, Reviewer

"It is extremely catchy, can't put it down!!  I love how it is written, it has multiple narrators and that makes it interesting. Great narrative, you never know what is going to happen next.  I highly recommend this book if you are looking to read something entertaining. If you are not much of a reader, I can assure you this book is definitely going to grab your attention."-Maria,

Author Information: 

Ardash Vartparonian was born in London but raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. At the age of 18 he began his debut novel, Solstice High, and continued writing throughout his last year of school and first year of university, where he moved back to the UK to study English Literature at Edinburgh University. Now a fourth year student, Ardash enjoys going out with his friends, watching horror movies and reading fantasy book while trying to keep up with his university work. Find out more at


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OMG! I wish I could come up with ideas like this on my own.  Fabulous book.  I was drawn in immediately and couldn’t stop reading.  I fell asleep with my kindle on because I was sooo tired but couldn’t wait to see what happened next.  The only thing I found initially distracting is that the perspective changes from person to person between the four main characters and sometimes it’s difficult to tell whose point of view the story is being told from.  Unlike some books, the author of that chapter isn’t identified and you have to figure it out as you read.  That was difficult at times and distracting.  However other than that one issue (which could easily be fixed by putting a name under the Chapter title….just saying..) the book was wonderful.

I would strongly recommend.  I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

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