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Book Review of More Than I Wanted

Book Review of More Than I Wanted
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Tite: More Than I Wanted
Author: Ava Catori
Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance

Blurb : 

Kate Tanner sees everything she wants in Austin. After falling for a charming and handsome military man, Kate realizes he may not return her feelings.

Will Austin fall in love with Kate, or has he hardened from past hurts? Just as he starts to warm up, things are turned upside down. Kate and Austin have to decide if their feelings are worth fighting for, or if walking away will be beneficial to them both.

With the threat of being separated, can Kate and Austin find a way to make things work? Having Austin in her life is more than Kate ever wanted, but she’s learning he’s all that she needs.

About the Author:

Ava Catori spends her days tied to her keyboard, being happiest there. With a passion for storytelling, she gets lost in the details of building characters and analyzing their thoughts. With a conversational tone, she entertains with fast, fun reads. There’s nothing she likes more than putting a couple together, only to tear them apart so they can find their way back to one another.

Ava resides in New Jersey, but sneaks away to Florida as often as she’s able. She’s happily married to a patient man, who has the ability to sustain long hours of rambling thoughts spilling from her non-stop. With the company of three dogs and a cat, she sets her writing schedule around their inability to coordinate their potty breaks.


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I love a good romance, and this was definitely a good romance.  Loving  a soldier can be hard.  They are so brave and independent, but coming back from war and leave a whole new war to fight… an internal war. 

Kate loves Austin, but can she wait for him a whole year after just a few months of dating?  And can these two people with all their insecurities and fears learn what it means to love and trust one another?

Book one of this series gives us the start of their relationship with all it’s ups and downs.  I laughed, I cried, I sighed and lusted.  Great book.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 clouds.

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