Sunday, February 5, 2012

Finders Keepers Review

Finders Keepers by Catherine Palmer
                Antiques dealer Elizabeth Hayes hopes to expand her shop by purchasing and refurbishing the Chalmers House next door. Zachary Chalmers, an architect who recently inherited the house, wants to tear it down and build an office. The resulting feud drags the town into a battle of historic value vs. personal property. The only one who doesn't care is Nikolai Hayes, Elizabeth's adopted Romanian son. He's interested in persuading Zachary to be his father and in listening to Boompah's stories of the "nachos" who tyrannized Europe during World War II. Nikolai's endearing attempts to master English provide levity in a romance that tackles deeper issues than land rights.
                This was a touching story about two people searching for love and afraid of losing a part of themselves in the process.  While some of the situations were trite romance novel stuff (boy meets girl, they start to like each other, something tears them apart, they eventually work it out and get back together).  However the story is still entertaining and a good read. 
4 out of 5 clouds

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